Father Stabs His Son To Death Because His Son Calls Him An ‘Old’ Man

A father who murdered his son for teasing him about his age and immediately called 999 to confess, has been jailed for life.


Stephen Hall, 52, told his family he does not expect or deserve forgiveness for stabbing his son Keith McGlone, 26 with an eight inch kitchen knife.

He was today sentenced to life with a minimum of 13 years at Hull Crown Court.

Hall was preparing a meal at his home in Hull in January when he stabbed his son twice in the chest, despite Mr McGlone begging: ‘Dad please don’t’ after the first blow.

The father and son had returned home from Criterion Hotel in Hull, where they had been drinking with another male for five hours.

Hall became aggravated after being teased by his son and stabbed him in his chest and abdomen.

The court heard that Hall walked outside with the knife in his hand, and shouted: ‘What are you looking at?’ to his neighbours.

He is believed to have gone back into his house, before coming outside and asking for help, before dialling 999.

He told 999 operator Louise Robinson he had put the knife in the sink after the stabbing.

The details of the call have been released by police.

The call records Hall telling the operator: ‘I’ve just stabbed my son.

‘I don’t know if he’s alive or dead. I stabbed him in the living room and now he’s in the bathroom.

‘I said summat and he argued with me and then, all of a sudden, I just flipped.

‘I was sick of him always picking on me and calling me an old man and everything.’

The police operator kept Hall on the phone until officers and paramedics arrived at the home in January 21.

Judge Michael Mettyear said: ‘Your son was loved and treasured and did not deserve to die.

‘Nothing he did that night could begin to justify the use of a knife against him let alone stabbing him twice.

‘The case is aggravated because he asked you to stop and yet you continued with the second stab wound.’

Hall was arrested for his son’s murder at his home and has since been in custody. He told police: ‘I love my son.

‘I love him to bits, but we could not live together.’

Father-of-two, Mr McGlone, had recently moved back in with his father.

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, said: ‘Mr McGlone had suffered a turbulent childhood and had moved back in with his father shortly before the incident.

‘An independent witness said on the night in question, he had overheard arguing between the two.

The witness heard, what he thought was the defendant’s voice, saying: ‘If you don’t leave me alone, I will kill you’.

The witness then described hearing a younger voice, presumably the deceased, crying and saying ‘Please don’t, just stop.’

Defence lawyer Simon Reevell, said: ‘This will be with Mr Hall for the rest of his life.

‘There is only one victim in this case, and that is the deceased. If he could change places with his son then he would do it.

‘Mr Hall had no explanation as to what happened on the night in question.

‘He has shown genuine remorse. He didn’t plead guilty at an earlier hearing as he couldn’t come to terms with the concept of being guilty of murder.

‘The other victims are his friends, family and Keith’s mother. He is fully aware of the damage and hurt that this has led to.’

Hall had been on anti-depressants for 18 years and pleaded guilty to murder.

Source: Dailymail


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