Ferguson Disapproves Mancini’s sacking.

For Sir Alex Ferguson, Roberto Mancini has done well, enough to have retained his place at Manchester City.

Ferguson and Mancini.
Ferguson and Mancini.

However, the retired great’s opinions are coming a bit late as the Italian manager, who was dismissed by the city on Monday, would already have started considering life after Manchester City.

Mancini was shown the exit door after three- and- a- half years in charge and having won three major trophies in England.

But Ferguson, who retired after Sunday’s game at the Hawthorn, has sympathy with the man he was considered part of their ‘noisy neighbours.’

“It was quite amazing. He has won the FA Cup, been in the final, second in the league and won the league and it’s not good enough?” the Scot said.

“I was surprised, but actually no, you can’t say you are surprised not with some owners today. You can’t be surprised, but still don’t think it was right.”

After 11 years at Everton, David Moyes will be handed the leadership of Manchester United but Ferguson believes that he can carry on the success they have enjoyed under his reign, regardless the ‘good enough is never enough’ attitude common with club owner this days, citing the City- Mancini escapade.

“What happens at Man City won’t have any bearing on David,” he added.

“He’s got the structure here and he’s got the experience. He’s had to handle things at Everton that are more difficult probably. I don’t think that matters.

“I think the enormity of the club will be the most difficult aspect, he will soon realise that anyway.

“The global brand and number of sponsors we have, he has to fit into that. I don’t think that’s an issue though and the most important thing is the team.

“He’s got a good squad of players and he will want to add to that. He will have his own ideas and that’s good. He will be fine.”

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