Fmr Oyo SSG: Jonathan Should Learn How To Do Odi Experience For Boko Haram From OBJ

ObasanjopresThe name Dr. Dejo Raimi might not ring a loud bell in the national political landscape but he was once a former Secretary to Oyo State Government and sure knows his onions especially when it comes to leadership.

Dr. Raimi, who is a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, stalwart, while speaking in Ibadan during a radio programme – Bull’s Eye, advised President Goodluck Jonathan to learn some governance skills from former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He also said Governor Abiola Ajumobi would not be re-elected in 2015.

Recalling how the Obasanjo quashed the Odi crisis with the use of force, Raimi urged the Jonathan administration to assert its authority more adding that the current security challenges in parts of the country was because the Federal Government was treating the matter lightly.

He said, “There was Niger-Delta crisis during Obasanjo. There was Odi. But Odi is no more.

“Let Jonathan go and learn how to do Odi experience for the Boko Haram. Obasanjo removed all the militants in the Niger-Delta. Where are they now?

“They are just making noise today. The militants are nowhere now.”

He slso lauded Ajimobi’s leadership style but declared he won’t win re-election in 2015.

“The state government is doing well in making Ibadan very clean. He is reshaping Ibadan completely. But I have a grudge against Ajimobi. During the last Ileya, he did not give us rams. I do not know why” he queried.

“All former SSGs, governors, speakers are given Christmas baskets if they are Christians and rams if they are Muslims. Ajimobi failed in this regard.

“Such won’t ever happen. Ibadan people do not worship anybody twice. Ibadan constitutes 67.5 per cent of the voting population in Oyo State; so, the decision is about Ibadan.

“It is not about doing well. Would you say others before him did not perform? Will you say the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo did not perform? Historically, it never happened. Nobody has ever had two terms in the state. I hope Ajimobi knows this. If he wants to break the record, he has my blessing.”


  1. Sir,the former SSG i appreciate the way you express your mind but i believe you can talk to him one or one on this and i think has not so great to deny him second term.
    @ speechtherapy,we believe in you that you can even channel state fund to community development than to satisfy individual.Thanks.