For Women: What is Delaying Your Ring? Ways To Get Him to Pop the Question


It’s on blackberry messenger display pictures! It’s being posted on Instagram. Girls are getting hitched and flaunting that rock on their finger. Don’t dull in your father’s house and plan other people’s weddings! I am here to help you so you don’t become a last carrier. Do you have a boo? Do you want to be his Mrs? If you are desperate enough, try all ten or maybe a couple of the following suggestions.

Become His Mother’s Best Friend
Why are you spending those lazy Saturday afternoons gossiping with friends and catching up on the latest gist? Why are you following him to Cold Stone for ice-cream? Stop that now! Spend your Saturdays with your potential mum-in law. Go to the market, make her lunch and arrange her closet. That way, he’ll notice the bond between you and her. If he is a mama’s boy, you already have that ring.

Attend Every Family Function
Even if he just mentions it casually or doesn’t invite you, FIND the venue. That favourite aunt of his would notice you and start pestering him to marry you. Don’t forget to dress to kill and buy the Aso-Ebi where applicable.

Cook Your Heart Out.
Don’t waste his money on a buffet at Protea today and Thai food tomorrow. In fact you are wasting your children’s school fees on irrelevant dates. If you’re not able to cook, LEARN! Enroll yourself for catering classes. Furthermore, as our people say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Let Him Win most Arguments
Ladies stop arguing and just accept. Men love nothing more than to have their ego stroked, so massage and polish that ego. Sometimes there could be a particular issue in the relationship that keeps rearing its ugly head. You argue and it makes him less inclined to marry you.

Minimize Your Outings
You are on the path to being Mrs Somebody. Your man can’t propose to you if you are still gallivanting around town with your “girls” going out for drinks, concerts and so on. Hang out with them during the day. If you have to be out at night, make sure it’s in his company or a night vigil. This way, you are adding more yards to your wife material.

Always Look Smashing
There is nothing more that a man likes than his woman looking like a 10. What are you using your salary for? Invest it in your looks.  That’s what attracted him in the first place. If you are into weaves, you can’t slack using cheap synthetic ones; you must go for Brazilian, Peruvian, or Mongolian weaves. If you are team natural, make sure you’ve got it together. Most importantly make sure your nails are perfectly manicured because you never know when he’ll propose.

He Must be Your Plus+One For all Weddings.
Forget that single girlfriend of yours that tags along to weddings with you to fish for men. Take your potential le hubby! This way he’ll get inspired by what he sees. In fact get all your friends to start asking “when is it your turn guys?” You know how that could be annoying. He’ll just get tired of hearing it all the time and he just might pop the Q to shut them up.

Catching The Bouquet.
This is extremely important. At every wedding you attend, you must and I stress MUST catch the bouquet by all means. You can push, pull weaves, punch your competitors or even bribe the bride. Just make sure you go home with the bouquet. If you catch it each time, he’ll think it’s a sign from God.

You Don’t need an 18-carat Diamond Tiffany& co Engagement Ring.
Nowadays, a lot of guys have it in their heads that they need to invest in a center stone and who can blame them? Ladies be content. Be it diamond, ruby, emerald, granite or a piece of Olumo rock. After all ain’t nobody’s “bidness” but yours and your baby! The whole point is to have a ring with a rock. Let your guy know you’d be happy either way. This way, he’ll need less time to save up for a ring.

Buy your wedding dress and deposit for a reception venue!
This is FAITH and the most important of all. The good book says with God all things are possible. You need to believe that he is going to propose so my dear go ahead.



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