Forged Certificates: Some Staff Of Abia State Polytechnic May Get The Axe

Abia poly

A yet to be known number of staff of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, will soon lose their job, while another unspecified number of the institution’s workers would be down graded from their present positions.

The news filtered in after a panel set up in January by the state government to audit and verify credentials of staff of the polytechnic drew its recommendation.

Several workers in the institution were alleged to have secured employment with fake certificates, while many unqualified staff of the polytechnic are holding positions they did not merit.

The government set up a panel, headed by Mr. Chibuike Nwokoukwu, which submitted its report to Governor Theodore Orji, weekend, following complaint from the public.

Nwokoukwu said while presenting his committee’s interim report, that the panel sat regularly, interviewed all academic and non-academic staff of the institution, looked at the originals of their certificates and retained the photocopies, which had been forwarded to the issuing institutions for actual confirmation of their authenticity.

He noted that the interim report contained four annexures, which included the names of staff recommended by the panel to be downgraded from their present position as well as others recommended for outright disengagement from the polytechnic, based on the findings of the committee.

Nwokoukwu therefore urged the government to ensure the implementation of the recommendations in the interest of the state in general and polytechnic in particular.

Abia State Governor Theodore Orji while receiving the report, assured that the report would be implemented and advised unqualified staff of the polytechnic to avoid being disgraced out by the government.

The governor said that as an institution of learning, no staff of the school should be found with forged certificates.

He however blamed the over bloated workforce of the polytechnic on members of the Governing Council who use their position to employ their cronies without waiver from the government.

He restates that the essence of setting up the panel was to investigate the activities in the institution according to the wishes of the people of the state and maintained that government will be justified to take action on the recommendation of the panel.

To that end,
He therefore assured that his administration will implement the recommendation of the panel and get rid of those indicted, while pointing out that the exercise is not aimed at witch-hunting anyone.


  1. What the government is doing is wise and good for the benefits of the institution and the general state at large.
    At least the appoint should be base my merit and not by god fatherism. So that they can impacts knowledge to the student
    And more over after the excercise the govt should compesate. The worker. They have tried.


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