Former Nigerian Rhythm FM reporter and model, Yinka Olonode, commits suicide in the US

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Monday the 29th of April will be a very sad day for the Olonode family for years to come.

Policemen say an unidentified man jumped from the rooftop restaurant of The Nines Hotel at 525 S.W. Morrison St, downtown Portland, USA.

Apparently, the man who jumped and died has been identified by the Multnomah County Medical’s Examiner’s Office as 34 year old Yinka Olonode.

Portland Police Bureau spokesman said Yinka jumped from the hotel building’s 15th floor around 6:30pm that Monday evening. He said they do not suspect foul play but that the death is under investigation. If Yinka indeed committed suicide, nobody knows why he did it.

Yinka was a model back in the day and worked briefly for Rhythm FM before relocating to the US in 2003.

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