Fresh Killings: Jonathan Unhappy With Service Chiefs

security cheifsIndications emerged that President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday gave his service chiefs the knocks over fresh killings, especially of security personnel in Borno, Nasarawa, Yobe and other states and directed them to tighten their belts and save the Federal Government from avoidable embarrassment.

It was learnt that the president directed the security chiefs present at an emergency meeting he held with them yesterday to devise result-oriented measures that would restore law and order to the country, especially the north-east and north-central where the killing of security agents and other innocent Nigerians has been on the rise.

Information Nigeria reports that following news of the Ombatse killing of scores of security agents in Nasarawa State, Jonathan made a quick return to the country suspending his trip to Namibia from South Africa.

According to a source privy to discussions at the high level security meeting, the President made it clear in no uncertain terms that he was disappointed with the service chiefs over the endless killing in the country and sought an explanation.

“President Jonathan was not happy at all. He spoke for a very long time, asking some critical questions. He told the security chiefs he would not tolerate a situation where policemen and soldiers were being killed like chickens, and ordered the security chiefs to sit up and put an end to the bloodletting,” the source said.

The source adds that the security chiefs cited some unguarded utterances made by some politicians and other eminent personalities in the north as reason and even cited the Baga massacre as a case point.

“They (security chiefs) told the president they were doing their best but the president replied, ‘I am not satisfied with your best. You must bring an end to this shameful act once and for all’.”



  1. This is what u should have done long ago mr president, you are the head, take some decisive steps into puting things in the right place even if it means steping on fingers. And as for the security chiefs i dont realy knw if you guys are active or domant. Just do something pls.

  2. I dont really know what the security chiefs are doing, i dont no if u people still know amuch NIGERIA spend on each soldiers, that bloodly civilian wil be killin our lovely soldiers and policeman! Pls do more, and our president should take more action and security matter. Long live NIGERIA! Long live people of NIGERIAN. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  3. Soldiers,policemen should learn how to defend themselves even when d so called commanders think otherwise.Enough of this sacrifice in the name of is only in Nigeria that a security agent will be slaughtered and nothing will happen.Can they try it any other place?Dialogue has failed and the use of maximum force is authorise cos when a civilian carry arms,he is no more a civilian and the use of maximum force is authorise. For the Northern leaders making unguarded statement,they should know that iigede drum is a drum for the spirit.

  4. I donot blame anybody but the EGGON LEADERs like Br solomon ewugan and others because they are behind the happening and they are full member who they engneer the boys to do these unresponsible act.