Gas Thief Flung From Pump, Caught On Camera In Australia



An alleged gas thief was violently flung in the air when her accomplice tried to drive away before the suspect let go of the pump.

A surveillance camera from the gas station in Brisbane, Australia, caught the entire scene on tape.

In the video, a woman in a pink top is filling up a red car when a gas attendant comes over. That’s when the driver, seemingly in a panic, starts to drive away.

The suspect is then thrown in the air as the pump tears off, and gas begins flowing out.

She falls to the ground but quickly gets up and jumps in the car as it takes off.

According to The Australian, fire and rescue crews were called to the scene to ensure that the area was safe.

Police are now trying to trace the woman and the driver. Officers told The Australian that the two suspects could be charged with dangerous driving and petrol theft.