God Has Rejected President Jonathan And His Government, Says Fani-Kayode As He Hails CPC, ACN, ANPP Over Merger

Fani_kayodeFormer Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode on Saturday described the All Progressives Congress, APC, as the only hope and platform for Nigerians to deliver themselves from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

In a statement, the former minister, who commended the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN; Congress for Progressives Change, CPC; and All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP on the success of their conventions, which effectively fused them into the APC, expressed pride in the chieftains of the opposition parties for finding the courage to confront the ills of the current administration.

“I congratulate the ACN, CPC and ANPP on their various conventions and their final resolutions to merge into the new party called the APC. This provides hope for Nigeria and it represents the only vehicle and platform that can deliver our nation from the hands of the PDP and the Jonathan administration,” he said.

“I salute those that have found the courage to stand up against the tyranny, blackmail, pettiness and incompetence of the Jonathan administration and I, together with millions of others, stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their quest to restore and resurrect the fortunes of our country.”

Mr. Fani-Kayode however said that the various resolutions to merge into one new party is a first step in the right direction, adding that “I sincerely hope and pray that every other step shall follow and that we will all join hands to break the stranglehold of evil that the Jonathan administration represents and has foisted on our country for the last two years. I urge all those that want to see a positive change in our great country to join the APC.”

He added, “The prospect of a Jonathan administration remaining in power for the next six years is, to say the least, the greatest disaster and affliction that could possibly be foisted on our people. God has rejected our President and his Government and the Lord will honour His word by ensuring that he is roundly defeated at the polls in 2015.

“The circle is complete and this is the time for all men and women of goodwill to rally around the new standard to stand up for truth and to resist evil.”


  1. Fani Kayode is a shameless man cus if he says dat PDP has failed NIGERIANS dat means he is part of dat failure mayb he forget dat he is minister 4 aviation during Obasanjo’s tenure. D questn 4 him is what were his achievement when he was serving as minister under d PDP GOVERNMENT. As 4 DINO MELAYE he just kip making me LOL

  2. Fani Kayode if he says dat PDP has failed NIGERIANS dat means he is part of dat failure mayb he forget dat he is minister 4 aviation during Obasanjo’s tenure. D questn 4 him is what were his achievement when he was serving as minister under d PDP GOVERNMENT. As 4 DINO MELAYE he just kip making me LOL

  3. Uncle Femi… Mr FFK or Mr Femi Fani-Kayode… See how time flies, PDP is a failure now abi? Ohk oooo let wait and see how APC will change dat. Politicians don’t have shame sha o. Once frozen out of the winning party, they will go out nd form a caucus nd change it to a political party to lie to nigerians. For FFK nd Dino u guys are just common thieves who want more nd olorun ko ni fun yin se

  4. Who is Fani kayode to talk of rejected govt,he that killed hundred of people,what did achieved as a minister.you poeple will later confess like Atiku time shall tell

  5. Ole,thief,barawo & onyenchi,just wait very soon you’ll go to jail for the monies you stole from OBJ’s government,idiot.

  6. Dis man called Fani kayode has no shame @ all,was he nt a minister of Aviatn durin Baba’s regime.and he has d gut 2 open his stinky mouth 2 say God has rejected Jonathan,nt knwin dat,he’s d one God has reject.runnin frm one political party 2 d other.

  7. “he is a madman,he train up killer and come out 2 say dat God ‘ve rejected Goodlock shame on u,Gudluk went 2 dat sit peacefully,but u pple wan 2 push him out trough puting confusion and kilin.Hahahaha! De blood of does inocent pple is cring,u pple can not xcep de denger of it….Mmmmmm!

  8. He is angling for a job in Jonathan’s administration. That is how he started criticising Obasanjo’s government until he was appointed a minister in that government. He has been in political wilderness for too long, and that must have drained his financial resources. If the Jonathan government dangles any political appointment at him, he wil jump at it like a bingo.

  9. Let all d banks in 9ja merge against 1st Bank, 1st Bank stil remain their father. PDP is lik 1st Bank. PPPPDDDDPPPP!!!! Power to d People.

  10. Nigeria will never be good again, because wicked men and impostors has advanced from bad to worse. 2Tim 3:13. We are seeing the signs of the last days. 2Tim 3:1-5. Only Jehovah’s Govt can save us. Dan 2:44.

  11. Fani is frustrated criminal and serial killer, Nigeria recorded the highest plain misshape/crash during his stay as minister of aviation. now he is facing criminal charges in the court. what do you want such man to do? We asked the FG to curb corruption in all sectors, PDP is willing to clean house (as we know charity begins at home) Fani and others criminals decided to run to the two faced Nigerian party called APC which only believed that corruption should be fought against those they are not benefitting from, were the forgers like Tinubu and Adam, sectional/regional leaders like Buhari, controversial pastors which turn holy book upside down like Bakare ganging up against the prophet of God (JONATHAN) who has seen beyond 2015.. FATHER forgive and treat them as failed politicians who’s have run out of campaign ideas.


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