Gov Suntai In Stable Condition – US Hospital

Danbaba-Suntai-Taraba-State1Authorities at John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, United States, yesterday confirmed that the governor of Taraba State, Mr. Danbaba Suntai, who sustained several injuries as a result of an air crash involving his private plane in October 2012, is presently in a stable condition.

According to one of the hospital’s consultants who pleaded anonymity, Suntai has fully gained his consciousness and can now recognise members of his immediate family and the aides around him at the hospital.

The consultant also debunked widely circulated reports that the governor was in a vegetative state and could barely recognise his people.

“Yes, I can confirm that the patient can move his legs and hands. He now sits without any stress, he can see well and he as well recognises everybody around him” the source said.

He further disclosed that at no point did the ailing governor suffer from memory loss or any terminal disease since he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the John Hopkins University Hospital from a German hospital.

On Governor Suntai’s chances of returning to Nigeria soon, the consultant stated that his condition was already stable, and stressed that he would be discharged the moment the hospital’s medical team finds him physically and medically fit to undergo a long air trip.


  1. You people lie too much,if the man is okay kindly send his video to the for his people to watch and make their comments.

  2. oboi oyoyo danbaba u r welcm kam bck abeg we r missing u somuch U KNEW Y U GEV GARBA UR VICE people r trying to remote control hm so as 2 step into ur shoes but he said no dat so long as u r alive he is owk with d acting capacity some bokoharamic people tend 2 advise hm negatively bt he told them no dat he doesnt belong to dia group infact d mahn is gud. SO KAM BCK NW AND COMPLETE UR GUD WORK WE ALL LUV U ABEG DANBABA KAM BCK N CHANGE D LYF OF..


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