Governors Caution Jonathan Against State Of Emergency


Progressive Governors’ Forum has cautioned President Goodluck Jonathan against declaring state of emergency in some crisis-hit states in the northern part of the country, saying such move would further worsen the security problem in the country.

In a statement signed on behalf of the governors by Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State in Ado-Ekiti, yesterday, any attempt to force emergency rule on these states would be considered as looking for an opportunity to remove the governors at all cost.

“We believe the presence of the Joint Task Force, JTF, in the affected areas is capable of restoring peace if properly coordinated.

“Thus any attempt to declare a state of emergency would be seen as a mere excuse to remove the governors by every means,” the statement said.

The governors therefore urged the President to be consistent and adhere strictly with the combination of dialogue and mediation which it has already set in motion

“The Progressive Governors’ Forum implores Mr. President to be consistent with the combination of dialogue and mediation, which he has already set in motion, and stay action on the planned declaration of state of emergency in the affected states, which we believe would be counter-productive.

“The forum further advised the President to consult widely with religious leaders and leading traditional rulers across the country with a view to solving the problem.

“It is also suggested that the Presidency, in addition to the committee, consults extensively with the leadership of the Christian and Muslim communities.”


  1. Now the truth is coming out, all dis move for merger is just for d purpose of grabbing power from PDP. Am so ashamed dis was signed by a Gov. I hold in high esteem. How can u favor removal of Gov’s to d lives of d innocents. which pple are u calling on d FG to dialogue wid, faceless pple who r not ready for it? How many times has d religious leaders u pple so claimed to be consulted has been consulted by d FG? Dis is not a regious fyt dev claimed. So Since d FG has done his best to save situation politely and didn’t work out, State of Emergency in dos states should be d best action at dis Moment. Full take over by d military. Here i think i will go 4 OBJ’s Option. State of Emergency is d option. Fayemi u fall ma hand. Please Nigerians should Knw dis pple don’t mean well 4us de only wonna get power and do Nofin.

  2. Putting state of emargency will not solve d problem of d affected state rather then worsen d stuation. The only solution to these problems facing d country is to kip selfish intrest aside n bring justice.

  3. The parameters and the formulas the federal government wants to use if there is a state of emergency, why can’t it use them now? Jonathan is only playing politics with Nigerians lives. I know very well that one day he will definitely pay for it insha Allah.