Gunmen Sack LGA In Borno State Destroy Public Buildings, Telecom Masts

Boko_HaramBarely three weeks after the Baga massacre, reports coming out from Borno State indicate that gunmen in their hundreds in a long convoy of Hilux vans attacked Marte Local Government Area yesterday evening and in the process burnt down all public buildings including schools, hospitals/clinics, police stations and all telecommunications masts in the council headquarters.

Marte, which is about 150 kilometres from Maiduguri, the state capital, shares borders with Baga and Chad Republic. It is  also a hot-bed of Boko Haram activities.

A top police officer in Marte said: “The gunmen invaded the town at about 4p.m with over 50 Hilux 4-wheel drive vehicles armed with sophisticated weapons, chanting Allahu Akbar, meaning (God is Great) and started throwing Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs, at all public structures without being challenged by security operatives.”

Another reliable source said: “Apart from the Lake Chad Development site, no other public structure remained standing in the town as all of them have been destroyed by the terrorists.”

It was learnt that shortly after the Baga carnage, the suspected terrorists had issued a warning that Marte town would be their next target of attack.

However, no life was lost as the gunmen had warned those working in the public buildings in the town to vacate before they carried out their attack.

The State Police Command as at the time of this report had yet to confirm the incident but a top security officer who did not want his name mentioned confirmed the incident.


  1. It is a pity that govt and civil right organisation have the satelite footage to monitor the excess of soldiers in Baga bt cannot use that same satelite to track the movement of Boko haram and it`s perpetrators. The govt know them and their hideout bt for political gains resigned to step on the big toes for political witch hunt.Innocent life are been lost and our properties destroyed on dailly basis.When will govt come to term that those evil people need to be brought to justice? God will help Nigeria.

  2. It think the president should declear full emergency in bornu and yobe. I believe these politicians won’t want to loose the source cash for a day thereby doing what is neccessary to checkmate the boko boys.

  3. The security personels did good as far as I am concerned because if they showed up, whatever happened, they would be blamed by those hausa fulani kanuri terrorist sponsors and the Fedral Government would also further blame them.

    I can guarantee you that those devils will soon carry out some more attacks in the north bacause they enjoyed what happened at Baga – Maiduguri in Borno state about 3 weeks ago.

    It shoul d not be forgoten that this insurgence is geligiously politically motivated an d those behind it are still serving in the present administration because goodluck did not flush those he know to be in his administration out. He only told us that they infiltrate his government and other… Therefore GEJ should be held responsible for his inablilty to deal with the ones in his administration.

    God will by His outstreached arm flush them disgracefully, their generatins would not go unpurnished in Jesus name.

    Long live Fedral Republic of Nigeria. Jesus is Lord forever!