I Can’t Find Jobs For My Daughters — El-Rufai

Former Federal Capital Territory minister, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, on Thursday bemoaned the spate of unemployment in the country, saying despite his connections, he had yet to secure jobs for his two daughters, who are both holders of Masters Degrees.
elrufai1The former minister, whose lecture was entitled Impunity, Injustice and Insecurity: What Role for the Law,’ said Nigeria needed to create three million jobs yearly to tackle its employment problem.El-Rufai said this while delivering a lecture at the Sixth Annual Alao Aka-Bashorun Lecture, organised by the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikeja Branch.

He said, “Forty-two per cent of Nigerian youths are unemployed.

“I have two daughters with Masters Degrees and they are unemployed. They have been at home for more than a year and I cannot get a job for them.

“We are sitting on a demographic time bomb and unless we have visionary leaders that are able to plan for the future, we will have a huge problem.”

According to him, the Nigerian government is spending N2bn daily on security, instead of investing in infrastructure and human capital development.

El-Rufai queried the N100bn Amnesty Programme of the Federal Government, saying it had not solved the problem of pipeline vandalism and oil theft in the Niger Delta region.

He said, “Our oil production output is at its lowest since 2009 as a result of oil theft and closure of facilities by oil companies.

“That is why the government is borrowing more than ever and dipping into the nation’s foreign reserves.”

The former FCT minister added that granting amnesty to people who take up arms against the state would not solve the problem of insecurity in Nigeria.

“Even if you grant amnesty to Boko Haram, without addressing the fundamental issues such as lack of opportunities, poverty and social injustice, it will not solve the problem,” he said.

Also speaking at the event, Prof. Akin Oyebode, advocated life imprisonment for corrupt public officials as a way of reducing the high incidence of corruption in the country.

His lecture was entitled, ‘Corruption and Insecurity in the Society: What Role for the Law?’


  1. may be ur dauthers want to become governor or ministers, stop lien to us, all of u will be punished 4 un-employment u caused us, because we dont knw any oga @top, dont make us feel we wear d same shoe dude.

  2. El rufai the bigot does not make sense when blaming GEJ for spending money on security. Is he not aware of the security challenge that his idiot brothers in boko haram are posing to Nigeria? You will never hear El rufai condemn what boko haram is doing rather it is the government reaction that he focuses on. That’s how you know an irrational and prejudiced person. Kiss my ass aboki.

  3. You have not seen anything yet, the evil that men did start living with them while they are still alive for them to feel the pain other people felt bcos of their did. Mr. El-rufai, how time flies, if somebody have told you a time will come when your children will be hunting for job, will you have agreed? when you were demolishing people houses and allocating the lands to your children yet unborn, you didn’t remember some people were jobless then. Now you are no longer in the corridor of power and you are screaming…..more is coming bcos as you will not see anything good in GEJ administration, so also will jobs that your children would have got during his administration will not come,,,,,,by the way, why are you looking for job for them, let them go and learn hand work and be self employed as you would advise others. or better still they should go and hunt for jobs themselves. Sadist like you.

  4. Why r u making a statement as this ‘my daughters are unemployed even with my connections’..it’s hypocritical in all ramification….u all might have been bloated with our Joy,hence we are joyless but I suppose u dnt think us senseless n gullible enough as 2 believe this pennyless lie…Ok maybe no need 4 dem 2 work since they are enjoying the Loots of their father’s Looting trade…..Abeg pack 4 corner…make I see daylight jor!

  5. u Will never find job for them, how many people did u give job when u was a minister. You are talking now because u are not involve or because ur daughter’s could not secure job. When u was demolishing peoples properties in Abuja don’t u know that it will against u tomorrow? Nonsence.

  6. Let’s not take el-rufai serious because of his past anticedents, he is always found to be talking with both mouth.

  7. A cow will always behave lik a cow! aboki dey cry oo, u better tell ur daughters to start following cows, dats wat u aboki ar for,

  8. Options: Ota Farms, NDE(Capentry, vulcanizing, beadmaking, etc) or are they waiting 4 2015. Why are you the one looking 4 d jobs not they. Pls provide solutions we hav heard enough of critisism

  9. Ur daughters are illitrates so no need to get job for them.Repercaution got u so easily after d atrocities u commited as FCT minister.What did u achieved then,how have u contributed in job creation.

  10. El rufai, you are a confused animal. Did you create employment opportunities when you were the FCT minister? Kettle calling pot black. Idiot!

  11. El rufai, you are a confused animal. Did you create employment opportunities when you were the FCT minister? Kettle calling pot black. You can only confuse those your illiterates, cattle rearers & poor minded people, we are enlightened. Idiot!

  12. El rufai, you are a confused animal. Did you create employment opportunities when you were the FCT minister? Kettle calling pot black. You can only confuse those your illiterates, cattle rearers & poor minded people, we are enlightened. Idiot!

  13. It’s true Malam over 45 per cent of youth are unemployed we need job opportunity in our community. God bless our dear Country.

  14. IF A PERSON THAT IS BEING FOOLED DOESNT KNOW, THE PERSON THAT IS FOOLING WILL DeFINITELY KNOW HE IS FOOLING SOMEBODY. So, stop fooling Nigerians. You yourself know that your daughters dont really need job, the resources you have acquired during your tenure in office are even enough for them to rely on.

  15. EL-Rufai! is very claver he just trying to see or tell people that his daughters are ripe for marriage. I do hope they are beautiful for those who will go after them. The world is funy and the people in it, you trained your children with public money and you are complaining.

  16. El rufia is a frustrated man,he jus wants 2 b in power at all cost. I commend GEJ fr nt respondin 2 any of his nonesense,u stole billions whn u were a minister and ur tellin ppl rubbish dt u cnt gt a job 4 ur daughters,well here is a suggestn y nt giv dem a job in one of ur companies, dnt tink u cn speak fr d youth’s fool!

  17. stupid talk i guess this is just a cheap advert for his daughters @ d lecture, for children of wealthy colleague of his @ d event , looking @ it frm other perspective his past is hunting him.


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