Insecurity: Resign And Hand Over To A Capable Person – Buhari Tells Jonathan

Muhammadu_buhariPresident Goodluck Jonathan has been advised to resign from office over his failure to tackle the security challenges facing the country.

Former Head of State General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) who gave the advise while speaking to newsmen at his residence in Daura town, Katsina state yesterday, said, “Jonathan should vacate and give way to competent hand to govern the country.”

General Buhari said the issue of security is a fundamental duty of any responsible government and added that Jonathan, since he assumed power, has failed in that regard.

“When the Niger Delta militants started their activities in the South-South, they were invited by the late President Umaru Yar’adua.

“An aircraft was sent to them and their leaders met with the late President in Aso Rock and discussed issues. They were given money and a training scheme was introduced for their members. But when the Boko Haram emerged in the north members of the sect were killed,” General Buhari lamented.

“And when the police failed to address the insurgency, soldiers were invited and they captured the Boko Haram leader, Muhammad Yusuf alive and handed him over to police. But Yusuf was eventually killed, his in-law too was killed and their houses were demolished”, he said.

Buhari explained that the country is in its present situation due to the murder of the Boko Haram leader by security agents which angered his followers and suggested that a new approach to tackling the insurgency without affecting the lives and properties of innocent people should be adopted.

“In Bama and Baga towns, military personnel were reported to have been engaged in extortion and sometimes raping of women. And because a soldier was killed in Baga the whole town was sacked by military. This is not the best way military should have acted when they were sent to restore law and order in a town. How can a responsible government allow its people to be killed in this way,” he asked.

He warned that the police, SSS, army, navy and Air force should know how to conduct themselves and act professionally.

“The soldiers are not expected to go and sack a town because one of them is killed. They are expected to capture the culprits for prosecution. After all the soldiers are not meant to tackle internal crisis but when it is necessary they should act professionally.

“Whoever is sent to protect people should also protect their integrity. When the former England’s Prime Minister, Margret Thatcher decided to hold its political meeting in Brighton the security advised her to cancel the meeting because of the IRN rebellions, but she insisted and held the meeting. The hotel she was accommodated was bombed and some of her political associates were killed but soldiers did not condone the area and kill everybody there, rather they conducted themselves professionally,” Buhari said.

While condemning the imposition of state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, Buhari said it was not the best way to address the problem.

“Government cannot kill all the Boko Haram members. Government should rather arrest and prosecute the Boko Haram members. They should only be killed when they said clearly they wage war against their country like what happened during the civil war. And even during civil war we that fought in the war were given a copy of code of conduct book which guided us against killing innocent people”, he said.


    • Hey dude! Actually you should be called the biggest fool,from all indications you are insane because i dont think a normal and mentally sound being wouldn’t be insulting such a patriotic nigerians no matter what political or ethnic differences that draws a boundry line between the two of you.Please always keep shot! When you have meaningless words to outer.SIYASA BA HAUKA BANE!

  1. Buhari, Babangida and some Norhten elites have been fingered as brains behind this saga. Insha Allah, their cup will be full. What they have sown poor innocent people are reaping.


  3. Buhari is a big fool, let him go and eat grass in de bush bcos is a cow, jonathan invited dem and dey refused coming out and u open dat ur smelling mouth and talk rubbish.

  4. i was saying good things about this man called Buhari in my office but now you just rubbish yourself with your statement about boko haram, that kills thousand of people, you are the biggest fool have ever met

  5. I think this man is suffering from selective amnesia.He should be asked how many people were killed when Yar adua ordered military to Niger Delta,including innocent Nigerians o.How many villages were sacked ? Including Obas palaces and even Ancient shrines were not spared,not even churches were spared.The man is sufering from old age disease,shikena !

  6. Buhari is nt a must u govern naija yor time has past let ur children contest nt u,u do nt av a good intentn to rule bt to do evil God will neva giv u dat sit u are eyeing in Jesus name amen

  7. He his behind all these. Nigerians, watch out. Thank God, nearly everybody now knows that this is a political problem and i beg it should not be linked to the religion(islam) again.

  8. for those of you dat take part in d civil war against d igbos,, if you ever killed innocent people, may d good God d creator of heaven and earth pay you back with pains greater than d ones d people you killed suffers,,,,, may ur generation never know peace if u ever killed innocent people during d war,, may ur generations pay in sorrow with their bloods if u people ever kill d innocent ones durind d war,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, talking about niger-deltha militant and boko haram,,,,,,,,, d militant never went to church to bomb innocent people peacefuly worshiping their God,,, dey only capture top oil workes and demand for ransom, d only time they will engage in shooting is when d security seems too tight for them to handle,,,,,,,, but the boko harams kills people as if they are animals,,,,, count d number of people dat lost their lives in the hands of boko haram buhari’s,,,,, and the ones dat lost their lives in d hands of militant,,,,,,,, and see if boko haram deserv death sentence or not.

  9. I only blame mr.president,because by now you would have been given a state burial by those you have sponsor boko Haram to kill in this country. Look at how you are confessing & mr.president still have to padon your public confession,if u are just tire of killing since u know the state of emergency will fetch u,just charter an helicopta go and get amnesty from the president,,,idiot

  10. Wickedness never end, you need to received Jesus Christ into your life General Buhari! God want to save you from hell!

  11. Is no longer news that Buhari is the lead sponsor of Boko Haram. i wonder why the ss still allow him to walk the streets freely. he shud be promptly arrested. he said during campaign that he will make the nation ungovernable if he did not win. Today we are seeing the effect of that statement. i urge the federal govt to arrest him immediately. or some smart guys shud get rid of him so that peace can reign in naija

  12. When you die God will surely ask you, you are looking for sometin in dis world dat will finish and when you go heaven u enter hell fire u better repent.

  13. buhari,did i hear u wel,u talk abt one soldier ben kil,if u were kill durin ur service,wil u b aliv today to se ur children,wat is d rule wen a soldier is kill in town or a community,those dat to b kil by ur idot call B/haram re they nt pipul father,God wil judge wit inocent blood

  14. This man is not a good Nigerian. How can a good leader & reasonable person say such things? God would never forgive you this coment. What about the innocent souls the sect Members killed? GOD IS ABLE & HE WOULD DO MORE THAN WHAT WE‘VE ASKED. ONE NIGERIA.

  15. An inquiry into Buhari’s verbacular reveals a synergy between him and the Boko Haram’s ploy to tumble the government with the exculpation of insecurity. Now he appears to be advocating for a rally round about him with his jaundiced opinion of a decrepit and ineffable government while ambidextrously seeking for clemency for his propagandizing tool (Boko Haram) seeing the odds is on him. Nigerians should be wary of Buhari’s scheme.

  16. Buhari,the whole thing is open and obvious,what do you have to say again that you dont have……… Anyway,God is alive and He is watching,time will tell.

  17. Buhari is stil far beta than this woman called badluck joe… If Buhari is responsible as all you haters claim, cant u see that ur lord joe is incompetent… why cant he arrest Buhari? He must be lame, duck or gay.. Hahahahaha

    What a man to govern a nation full of morons.. A creek otueke man, already drunk.. a fucking drunkard fisher man… Hissed.

  18. From all indication this man (Buhari) is suffering from old age…
    I can’t beleive a general who was once a security will come on a public page to lament such nonsense.

    Buhari is pure boko haram leader..

    He is too confuse to know his stand either as eyeing the presedential seat, there by telling GEJ to resign and vacate the office of presedent. Or to advice on security issue looming the nation..

    Buhari no hiding place for u, i can understand the teretory is becoming unconfortable for u due to the ongoing state of emergency as mr presdo strike the target taking all of u by suprise.

    I know u never think that mr presedent can take that measure..

    But attack is best form of revenge..

    Dead living being… U wil die a shameful death.


  20. Buhari I’m now convinced that you have mental problem,can’t you copy IBB & be focusedf,don’t worry very soon you’re utterances will lead you to jail,fool.

  21. Nawaoh so buhari really wants to make dis country ungorvanable for jonathan by using his looted oil money to sponsor boko haram.buhari is a killer.he killed d igbos during d civil war now d blood of the innocent igbos has entered his brain and he’s now kiling his brothers hahaha.the muslims dat he has rubished their religion 4 his selfish reason should ex.comunicate him while the notherners should get hold of him if posible sacrifice his blood b4 he wipes d whole region off he’s already mad

  22. Buhari shld go n sit dwn, since state of emegency is nt d key, y cant him profer solution to end d story of insecurity. Dis man is capable of smtn dangerous lets watch him closely

  23. so wat i heard abt dis man is true dat he is a bastard not a Nigeria but frm Fulani tribe frm anoda coutry who came to Nigeria to settle down and later claims Nigerians….The Real Hausa ple nd Real muslims shld av knw beta now and witdraw their support for dis man b4 he finishes north entirely….BASTARD!!!

  24. Buhari should have been tried long ago for treason. Making a public statement that Nigeria will not know peace if GEJ is president. Buhari is the one destroying the North. How can he compare BH to Niger Delta Millitants. What is BH fighting for? I think BH and their leader Buhari should be tried at the ICC. If Buhari want to become a president, He should turn his community to a country. Because OBJ ruled Nigeria as a millitary and civillian so he feels he can also do it. u old ingrate. As for GEJ, no past Nigeria leader living or dead can measure up with his development strides. GEJ is a true democrat.

  25. He is a fool, he is an illitrate, a terorist and a murderer. As old man he should go and rest. Nigeria need peace. He just reveal that he is the sponsor of boko haram.
    I think he should be arrested and eliminated 4 nigeria to enjoy peace again.

  26. dis man is an idiot,wat is boko haram fighting for,is it farmland,cattle rearing or shoe shining can someone stand out to say d reason for dis dubious sect who kill innocent nigerians for nothg yet a retired idiot speaks up rubbish,wen niger-delta millitant acted,they only took captivity for ransome yet fighting for their indigeneous oil right wit d intentions nt to kill others even it happen at rare instances.

  27. Dis man need panadol extra extra. From all indications it show dat dis man is the boko haram sponsor. He is a shameless old warthog (hiss). Dat man shud be arrested and tried for treason. hahahahaha. In case u dnt knw uncle Jonathan will not resign and if it too pain u go hug transformer or u just kiss d fuse. Monkey!

  28. my dear president u hv heard it all…d truth is now told..kill this fool b4 he kills mercy…na u dey on top..we’ve seen n heard it all..thus any soul dat sin must die…

  29. Hear a terrorist talkin abt Jonathan nt bein capable, who is den? U? Useless murderer. D blood of innocent ppl u killed to fulfill ur promise against d govt ‘ll stand against u. Sorrow n pain ‘ll neva ease in ur household n family ! D death of Gadafi ‘ll b beta dan ours loser!

  30. any way buhari even though i know you are an idiot, you should know niger delta militants are different from blood suckers you called boko haram.all nigerians knows what was militants demand,if you don’t know let me remind you is that resources that GOD gave them you northerners steal and bank the money abroad should reach them. which is justified in my opinion moreover they never killed innocent people unless by accident which can be forgiving but as for boko haram which you head i still don’t understand what your motive with them is,if you must rule why not go and contest for your village emir [king]with that you can be life ruler without any disturbance or better still start the clamour for the country to divide so that you can rule your people as you like. the simple truth is we are tired of you northerners behaving as if you are the only ones who knows how to rule when every one knows you people have northing to offer as far as good governance is concern foolish man,that’s how you cancel contract of speed train awarded in lagos when you overthrow shagari and paid half of the original cost [$600million]as penalty because is not in your northern region tribalist like you we have also not forget how you told all muslim not to vote for a christian again when obj was in power the blood of innocents will blind your eyes soon that i know.

  31. Hear Buhari speaks, he spoke like an insane person. Hear a so called an elder stateman applausing violence acts in a country he desperately desires 2 b a president. What is his problem wit d niger delta minitants? D niger delta militants were fighting 4 justice. What is BH grivances? B4 d niger delta militants accepted amnesty, thier elder statemen such as chief P.J Clark went 2 d creeks and persuaded d militants 2 accept d offer. What step has buhari or any so called elder from d north taken 2 bring 2 end

  32. mr buhari so u re d leader of bh,wat they re fighting for ntn bt killing innocent citizens,bh re fools for allowing u to use them for ur selfish interest n most of them are frm a poor families why ur children are aboard for safety bh re so foolish to allow money miss road politicians to use them bt very soon God will rise against u n all those who ve killed innocent souls for anything their crys shall neva leave ur homes in jesus name amen u will loose ur children one by one like u lost ur first daughter unless u repent n give ur life to christ

  33. Buhari is an imbecile, wild animal. I so hate the idiot now. To thing I wanted this beast to rule nigeria at a time. Niger/delat dint kill muslims or christians, they had their beef with the government n we all knew it. Boko kills even its own people and this fool speaks like an illiterate. No northerner wll ever rule nigeria again cos of boko haram.

  34. A person who does not know and knows not that he does not know , what should such a person be called . Any way what makes Buhari to think that he would govern more than the siting president. Buhari sir, with your utterances you are a disgrace to the nation of Nigeria for advocating evil.

  35. These Boko haram guys re no more afraid.They come and say it in our faces in the media.Imagine Buhari say that the govt cannot kill all Boko haram members.Oh God lead us safely to 2015 and do what pleases you.Let’s trace this present day problem in Nigeria to the amalgamation of the southern and bloodsucking northern protectorate.oh how i wish Biafra succeeded.All this would ve not even exist

  36. Buhari should close his big mouth,is only country like ours things like this happens,you all could remember what buhari said during the last presidential debate saying that if goodluck wins the country will be ungovernornable and a lot of trouble will be going on,is high time federal government get buhari arrested because i beleive is one of the sponses of boko haram,close your big mouth

  37. It is obvious that Buhari is the leader of Boko haram,why is he affread?he should be bold enough to show his face,Listen to somebody who want to rule this nation,anyway I trust our God,mr buhari says just becouse a soldjer is killed,that was coming from an ex-soldjer,what is he doing alive since the dead of a soldjer is nothing to him,he should not forget that any innocent blood killed in the name of playing politics with boko haram he(Buhari)is responsible,

  38. Haba Alhaji Buhari! Hw come u are compearing niger Delta and Boko harram? Bokoharram sucks blood, while niger Delta sucks money 4rm betures. Buhari is also a blood sucker. He knows every every. He shld be brought to book b4 he spoil d name of Islam and d north. Barawo.

  39. I knew from day one that Buhari is not the messiah Nigeria needs. He has something up his sleeves which is yet to totally unfold. With his current speech I have no regret for voting Jonathan and will vote him again.


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