Insurgency Deliberate Plot To Destroy Our Economy, Says Buhari

Muhammadu_buhariAs military operations intensify in northeast Nigeria against suspected terrorists, former military head of state – Maj-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has said the insurgency in parts of the country was created with the aim of undermining the economy and development of Nigeria.

Buhari spoke in his hometown of Daura, Katsina State yesterday which last Thursday, was the theatre of gun and bomb attacks by suspected terrorists..

“The insurgency was a deliberate move to scuttle the security and development of Nigeria. Take for instance Kano and Borno states. The economy of the people in the two states was completely wiped out by the activities of insurgents. Nothing economic is moving in the two states,” said Buhari, who spoke while on a sympathy visit to the Emir of Daura’s palace.

“No nation in this world can develop with this kind of insurgency. It is unfortunate that activities of insurgents are on the increase in Nigeria,” he added.

Buhari noted that no religion will condone the kind of terrorism taking place in Nigeria and urged citizens to intensify prayers for the restoration of peace and harmony in the country.

Earlier, the Emir of Daura, Alhaji Farouq Umar Farouq, told the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) leader that he opposed the house-to-house search in Daura town conducted by the army in the wake of the attack.


  1. Our leaders should be patriotic enough to come togather to tackle national challenges and not to play politice with every thing. Its a privilege to be a leader and it comes with responsibility.

  2. Buhari,u promised 2 make Nigeria ungovernable for President Jonathan.So ur terriorts brothers have now strike ur town.We just dey watch una ooo!

    • @chuzy, wit all due respect d elder statesman said if PDP rig election in 2015, pls sentiment is killing dis nation pls alway get ur fact right.

    • @Chuzy. How can you correlate the happenings in the North with sabotaging GEJ? If you want to sabotage a government you don’t go killing your own people and crippling their activities. Rather you go doing that to the doorsteps of those you consider ‘enemies’. Eg, using National Assembly, Ministers, etc.

  3. All of you who are insulting BUHARI are your self irresponsible,sentimental and pessimistic Nigerian who feel that the oil that was found with the 80% economy from groundnut and cotton of the north and 30% economy of cocoa from the rest of the country only belong to you arrogant fools.
    If you really want to own the oil for your self then, use the money from the oil and drill the same number of oil well in the north the, we call it EVEN.

  4. Suleman you are the biggest fool because you fail to understand that if Nigeria has to be one we should forget about south or north for Nigeria to be one you are picking to Buhari but he should know that what he (buhari)is doing or saying is evil pls think of what you do or say Nigerians


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