Iraq PM Vows To Hunt Down Perpetrators Of Violence


Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has vowed to confront perpetrators of violence following a recent spate of car bombings in and around Baghdad that left at least 68 people dead.

al-Maliki appeared on Tuesday with four leading ministers, including the country’s two most senior Sunni politicians, to speak of his government’s insistence on facing down the fighters, even as multiple attacks in Iraq on Tuesday claimed more than 10 lives.

“The cabinet discussed seriously today all the challenges facing the security situation and the steps that the council of ministers should adopt to confront the current crisis” he said.

“The cabinet has unanimously agreed to stand as one to confront the crisis and to send a message of reassurance that all are in agreement on shouldering their responsibility in confronting the outlaws regardless of their affiliation, sect or political party they belong to.”

Al-Maliki said he would pursue the perpetrators who were aiming to ignite a civil war.

“We will chase down all the illegal militias and armed gangs that want to instigate a wave of societal fighting. As far as we are concerned this constitutes a red line.”


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