Is She Dissatisfied? How To Make Your Manhood Bigger Without Using Drugs

There is a way to make your penis bigger naturally, without using any pills or pumps.


Taking pills is a very popular penis enlargement method, but is it actually effective? Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with using pills: they don’t work! There is no chemical or natural substance that can make your penis bigger. The only thing a pill can do is to increase blood flow for a short period of time, but the results will fade away fast. Other male enhancement methods to avoid are:

  • Pumps: their effect is only temporary and their use can damage the penile tissue or lead to circulation problems.
  • Weight/Hanging: another potentially dangerous technique that can cause penile deformation and permanent impotence.
  • Creams: creams can lead to serious infections, in case they contain dangerous substances.
  • Surgery: it’s very expensive and in case it fails you will end up with a scarred penis.

Jelqing: these exercises are probably the best method for male enhancement out there. Before you start, it’s important to take a hot shower or use a wet bath towel as a warm compress. You should find a private spot and get yourself to a semi-erect state. Then make an “OK” sign with your fingers and starting from the base of your anatomy, gently move towards the head. Alternate hands and repeat.This exercise will stimulate growth, because it “breaks down” the cells in the tissue and makes them regrow in greater volume, thus increasing the size of the penis. Jelqs are not hard to do, but you need to learn how to force as much blood as you can through the penile chamber, without damaging your member. You can start with 25-50 repetitions per day and gradually increase them. I recommend using some form of lubrication like baby oil. This technique is the cheapest and most effective one and can help you gain 1-4 inches in a few weeks. The results are permanent, even when you stop the workouts. The best way to do the jelq is by following the instructions of a natural male enhancement program that will show you exactly how to perform the exercises, in order to get fast results.

You and you alone can make the decision: – settle for the penis size you have now or use a guaranteed, painless and free method to get a long and thick penis?

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