Israel Threatens More Air Strikes Unti Syria Stops Sending Arms To Hezbollah


Israel has sounded a note of warning to Syria over transferring advanced weapons to Islamic militants, as it said it is considering more air strikes to make Syria stop, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

“Israel is determined to continue to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah. The transfer of such weapons to Hezbollah will destabilize and endanger the entire region ,” an Israeli official told the paper.

“If Syrian President (Bashar Al) Assad reacts by attacking Israel, or tries to strike Israel through his terrorist proxies,” the official said, “he will risk forfeiting his regime, for Israel will retaliate.”

The official who contacted the paper on Wednesday had declined to be identified, citing what he called the need to protect internal Israeli government deliberations.

Israel twice last week carried out air strikes near Damascus, attacks a senior Israeli source said were aimed at preventing the transfer of sophisticated weapons to Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia ally of Al Assad and Israel’s arch-foe Iran.


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