Jonathan’s Mid-Term Report: We Cannot Be Fooled – ACF

Goodluck-Jonathan-007Reactions have continued to trail the Democracy Day mid-term report by President Goodluck Jonathan which scored the administration high in all areas and accused most of his critics of judging his government unfairly.

National President of the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Alhaji Shettima Yerima, however believes Wednesday’s gathering was a cheap publicity stunt as the statistics reeled out by the various speakers on the state of the economy did not reflect the true situation of things.

“President Jonathan has insulted the sensibilities of Nigerians” he said, adding that “Nigerians have come of age that never again are we going to just sit and fold arms and have people talk about policies which do not have any impact on the people in the society.”

According to Yerima, Nigerians will no longer tolerate a situation where people will stand on the podium and “looking at the face of over 150 million Nigerians and talk about policies as regards their so called transformation agenda while the common man on the street cannot feel the impact of that transformation.”

In his own opinion, “They have failed, they have failed. Two years is a long time to address out of 7, 5, 2 point agenda or whatever they call it. But we have not seen a quarter of it. The economy is nothing to write home about. Unfortunately, the Minister of Finance reels out statistics of achievements but physically you cannot feel the impact of that performance. So, we are no longer fools and we cannot be fooled by any body.”

He described the event as “gathering of friends, colleagues and those who wait for appointments from the government and are willing to give standing ovation and clap.”


  1. When Pigs gather to appraise themselves, nobody complains of dirtiness and dirt will be an achievement…….the. Current Government is an eye sore.

  2. The so called marking scheme Mr Dumbo wanted Nigerians to use in asssessing his Government is a cheap ploy to appear sophisticated using World
    Bank/IMF deception indices that have nothing to do with how well citizens are faring! Wikileaks have shown us how our leaders are so intimidated by white men to use them in their neocolonialism. All the indices are excellent but there is permanent blackouts in most parts of the country ref Amanpour of CNN. Poverty is widespread even among the elites. Our Roads are death traps with abandoned projects scattered all over the country. Cemetries have filled in an unprecedented manner! Life is so cheap because the Government cannot provide security. Corruption and Impunity are Jona’s standard practices of Governance. Never has Nigerians felt so hopeless and helpless. Meanwhile the rogues that gathered to cheer a dubious report have stolen so much. The President should have used the increased number of jet owners in that his marking scheme! Shamless rogues! Nemesis will soon catch up with you all!


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