Let Dokubo, Kuku Be; N-Delta Youths Warn Tambuwal


Youths of Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger-Delta on Thursday stormed Abuja in a large number to warn the Speaker of the House of Representatives not to investigate the duo of Asari Dokubo and Presidential Adviser on Niger Delta, Mr. Kingsley Kuku, who both claimed that ‘there would be no peace’ in Nigeria if President Jonathan loses the 2015 polls.

The youths under the aegis of South-South Restoration Forum, asked President Jonathan and the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party to call the Speaker to order so as not to provoke their anger.

Speaking to newsmen, leader of the SSRF, Mr. Selekaye Ben, said Tambuwal was bias against the people of the South-South judging by his disposition to issues involving the region. He also queried the speaker for daring to invite and investigate Dokubo and Kuku over their inflammatory statements without seeing anything wrong with similar provocative statements by leading northern political actors and commentators.

Recalling several newspaper reports by prominent northerners, such as Gen Muhammadu Buhari, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, Lawal Kaita, Bello Kirfi and Abu Shalluwa, all threatening to cause trouble if Jonathan attempted to seek re-election in 2015, the SSRF wondered why Tambuwal had not deemed it necessary to question them or raise a motion to invite them for sanctions over their utterances.

Ben, who was accompanied by the national secretary of SSRF, Mr. Ofana Paul Santon, warned that if the House of Representatives moves against the two Ijaw men, youths in the region would march into the premises with them so as to make it impossible for them to operate.

He also said the youths of the Niger-Delta region would no longer take it kindly with any individual or groups of persons who continue to suppress or intimidate the people of the South-South, who he said, have been paying the supreme price of keeping the nation running with their oil resources over the years.

“We call on the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the national leadership of the PDP and the President of the Senate to call the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal and his team to put an end to any form of intimidation of the people of the South-South zone of Nigeria on National issues.

“Every Nigerian irrespective of tribe, language, region or religion has equal right to freedom of expression as enshrined in our constitution, and no individual or group has the sole right to intimidate another group or region under the guise of carrying out his functions.

“Who told Tambuwal and his gang that one ethnic group or people are superior to others? How come Tambuwal and Ali Sani Madaki never called for investigation or arrest of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida when he publicly called on Tambuwal to seek for a higher office in 2015 when he knew that there was no vacancy in the Aso Villa?

“Äre all these and many more statements that have been publicly made by people from the north not provocative enough for Tambuwal and his cohorts to call for their arrest and investigation?

“We, the people of the South-South know Tambuwal’s game plan and who he is working for but they should know that we as a people cannot be intimidated by anybody or group in this country,” Ben said.


  1. Hello Nigeria is Nigeria all the people are equal I think you don’t have any way to leave those people and go like this government killing Boko haram since when but no any action been taken now if you leave them go like this you are not a good leaders try to remember that you must die and almighty god still there waiting for you to ask you about what you did justices or injustice so take note we are all equal