Lionel Richie Applauds Bruno Mars.


You can tell a lot about a musician by their learning curve. Even with all the accolades he has been garnering

Bruno Mars is still looking for longevity advice, and who better to break bread with than legendary R&B crooner Lionel Richie.

Speaking with UK’s Daily Star, an honored Richie says “the new generation are discovering that guys like me can do melodies.” Everyone who has been blessed to hear Mars’ music, can tell he’s great with lyrics and melodies, but nothing feels sweeter than hearing it from someone with an elite track record.

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“Bruno Mars is a killer for melodies and lyrics, and he came to my show,” adds Richie. “He asked me afterwards: ‘Can you tell me how you do it?’, and I said: ‘Don’t worry, you’re doing just fine.”

Daily Star


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