Love: Incredible Photo Of Couple That Died Cuddled To Each Other


They were part of 900 people that died when a factory building collapsed in Bangladeshi 

Touching image of couple found embracing in the rubble of collapsed factory is shared around the world

A Haunting image has emerged of a couple who perished in the Bangladesh factory collapse – clutching each other as they died.

With rubble, dust and metal strewn around, the lifeless woman is seen doubled backwards as the man tenderly wraps his arms around her.

Reams of light-blue clothing material – which would have been made in the garment factory – wrap around the wreckage as a trail of blood runs from the man’s eyes.

More than 900 people are now known to have died – with around 2,500 people injured – in last month’s collapse of the factory near Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.




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