Man Allegedly Mast**bates In Public, Claims He’s Just Exercising



Talk about raising the mast.

Scott Barron, 67, is accused of masturbating in front of passing sailboats at a boat ramp Saturday in Alva, Fla., NBC 2 reported.


An off-duty deputy says he spotted Barron — penis in hand — standing on a sailboat parked at the ramp.

When the officer told him to stop, Barron first allegedly swore at him, then said he was just exercising.

Apparently the officer doesn’t care about forearm strength, because he slapped Barron with an indecent exposure charge.

Barron was released from jail Sunday on $1,000 bond, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Barron isn’t the only one who allegedly can’t handle himself in public. In April, the aptly-named Elijah Slocumb was arrested after allegedly masturbating in public with such animation that “his whole body was shaking.”

Earlier that month, hearings began for the former Vice-Mayor of a Tennessee town, who was accused of masturbating out of his open car window — at 90 mph.


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