Man With Sleazy P*rn Face Tattoos Contemplates Removal

This guy is Billy Gibby, who changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom when he sold his name the the web hosting company That’s not the only thing Dotcom’s made a quick buck off of: he earned $50,000 a decade ago getting his entire face tattooed with URLs for porn sites and online casinos.


He’s a walking billboard for sleaze! But after learning that Dotcom might want to remove some of those face tats, one of the porn sites,, has offered to pay for the cost of laser tattoo removal.

“They advertised on my face a long time ago … and decided they wanted to help me,” Dotcom told VICE magazine.

“They’re just doing it to be nice.” Nice indeed. Just think of all the respectable jobs he could get with one less porn site URL tattooed on his face.

Source: TheFrisky



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