Military Joint Task Force, Not Boko Haram Kidnapped Monguno – Family

ALI-MongunoThe family of kidnapped Dr. Shettima Ali Monguno, have described the action of the abductors of the elder statesman as a diversionary tactics by the perpetrators of the killings in Baga, Borno State.

Hussaini Monguno, a relative of the abducted nonagenarian,  disclosed that Monguno had spoken to his family members with the abductors’ phone pleading with the Federal Government to heed their demands on Friday.

“The kidnappers called the family and demanded that the Federal Government release Boko Haram members in detention. They also gave him (Monguno) the phone and he spoke briefly saying the Federal Government should release the detained sect members,” he said.

Hussaini, added that despite the demand, the family sensed foul play by some people to divert attention from the Baga massacre perpetrated by the Joint Task Force in Borno State.

He said, “We don’t believe that it was Boko Haram that kidnapped Dr. Shettima Ali Monguno. We believe it is a diversionary from the heinous crime the military has committed against the people of Baga. They didn’t expect that international agencies have the satellite images of Baga before and after the massacre.

“Boko Haram members and everybody in Borno know that the man has no money to give anybody. He resigned from partisan politics since 1979; he has no link to the government of the day, so he cannot influence government’s decision. We believe this was done to divert attention from what happened in Baga. We are begging for whoever is behind the kidnap of Ali Monguno to release him immediately because he is on special diet and drugs. He is 92 years old.”

Hussaini listed a correlation of events in the state to corroborate his claim.

He said, “In the intelligence world, a lot dirty things do happen. Sometimes the state can carry out a criminal act against the citizens to make them believe in certain things. Two days to the abduction of Shettima Monguno, JTF came out to say they suspected that Boko Haram members will carry out the kidnapping of certain indigenes.

“If they had this level of precision in intelligence, this Boko Haram menace would have been put behind us. Also, just before the assassination of Gen. Mamman Shuwa, JTF came out to say Boko Haram is planning to assassinate some prominent people in Borno, and 24 hours, Shuwa was assassinated. There is so much corruption going on in military.”


  1. Hussaini Monguno! or what do you call yourself, may God have mercy on you. I really don’t know how to explain your level and manner of reasoning. I just restrained myself from cursing you; otherwise, you deserved to be cursed by your insinuations. Continue dancing naked, looking for whom to blame. Your fellow members (boko haram) brothers and other northern “elders” are busy destroying a blessed country(Nigeria) and you turn around to look for whom to blame. To be frank with U people, the seed you people sown many years ago for christians have just germinated, grown and the fruits are what everybody is reaping including the sower(northerners). may God see us through in Jesus name.

  2. @Jekwu shut up your dirty mouth, Hussaini Monguno is absolutely right cuz there is huge conspiracy in this issue of Boko-Haram, the federal government is trying to divert peoples mind, the international community is watching the atrocities committed by the Nigeria Army, the Federal Government is solidly behind kidnapping of Elder Statement

    • U too,morality or what Eva.u must be so sick n ignorant.a group of idiots are trying to destroy ur nation,u are busy talking trash about d not one,but and educated mind knows that no African nation or Mid East nation can Eva survive without its military.when u av one of ur close relations killed by any of this useless backward bastards, then u will know that u really need d military to handle boko haram situation in nigeria.the army has done what it should do.lets call a spade a spade.lets not act like all is well with boko haram n nigeria.if u ain’t one of them,then u should hear d cries of children mothers n fathers weeping due to their loss

  3. Blind sympathizers of boko haram will continue to blame government for their sins… got what you bargained for..Am not sorry for saying this but North east my birth place have not seeing anything yet…This is just number one until so called elders will start to tell the young once the truth.

  4. We don’t sympathize with boko haram, infact we hate them and curse them always for putting us in this hardship and terrorizing of our people. And very soon, our curses will befall them, and they’ll see!
    A gain, we know that CAN and ebele jonathan are behind boko haram just to break north and to divide Nigeria. Ebele jona is wicked and heartless, he direct his jonathan trinity force, JTF, to plot all what they do in the north. Even #Baga Massacre was as he directed. So fools are only those that justify the artocracies of jona trinity force.

  5. @jekwu,u r vry big fool,big for ntg,empty coconut……wat do u knw abt d issue of boko haram,we r all awre of hu are responsibl for dis so called boko haram issue,there is ntg lyk BH afterall d Muh’d Yusuf is noMore,d govements,d jtf nd d CAN members r just using d name boko haram to achieve wat dey had plan to……

  6. @Umar, @Taurus, @Molarity, @Banca, @Arewa, @Aliyu and @Hadiexa; U people are just chasing shadow, rather than calling a SPADE a SPADE(which is obviously its real name), you people are busy calling it a FARM IMPLEMENT! All of you should continue to insult me and others for saying the truth, while the macabre dance goes on in the NORTH. The earlier the north sees beyond their nose the better for all of us in this country. Once a child decides to keep his/her parents awake, he or she must be ready to go with red eyes! God bless my country!

    • @Jekwu. Do you ever imagine that the Northern Muslims are behind BH? Do you ever imagine that the objective is to target Christians and Southerners? Yet, their operations is limited to the North. Why not stop insinuating and allow the North to exterminate itself. Their operation is regional (mostly, North East). It’s only a national issue because the NE is part of Nigeria. Period. For instance, can you still remember the spate of armed robberies perpetrated and popularized by certain ethnic group in Nigeria in near recent past? Do we then blame that entire ethnic group and hold them responsible? Please, let’s look a bit deep into the issue. Always remember who fired the first salvo. Remember the extra judicial genocide meted on the members of the then unknown BH that made them to draw the battle linet. Then, nobody felt the government was wrong.

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha I laugh @ the stupidity of those of u putting the blame of B.H on Jonathan and CAN sowi to say this but B.H is a Northern creation take it or leave it so don’t. Blame anybody but yourselves.

  8. I think some people are living in mars.if the reporter is lying JTF can sue the company.but becousa you are nothing but a tribal supremacist and religious extremist your totally clouded mind failed to see reason and you are not even ashame to call yourself educated.

  9. I said before and I will said again FG is behind kidnapping of elder statement, because I posted my comment on this side about the issue of kidnapping elder statement and my comment was intentionally deleted due to the truth of the matter and its bitterness , there is hypocrites in handling of BH problem.

  10. These northerners are really wonderful creatures. So deft in their macabre dance of illusion. Blaming everybody n anybody but themselves for d problem they wholeheartedly n cheerfully created. Is dis what they call d Northern Political Sophistication n Mastery? I laugh. D mere fact dat other sections of d country have remained aloof wit d ‘devil-may-care’ attitude should not imply that d parasitic North should eat their cake n still have it. Who are they fooling? That d Federal Govt of Nigeria is an accessory to d fact of kidnapping, ehm, what is his name again? A 92yr old man? To what benefit? Isn’t it a known fact terrorist organizations do carry out kidnappings/abductions so as to coerce or blackmail governments into releasing their colleagues from well-deserving jail terms? Anything evil that erupts in d North,from their evil manipulations n orchestrations is blamed on GEJ and/or CAN. Haven’t they heard that he who sows the wind MUST surely reap d whirlwind? Nigeria will survive or break. However they want it,we are ready. WE ARE WATCHING!

  11. Sorry to call u all “myopic fools”.have u all forgotten so soo that d American CIA have conducted a feasibility study in Nigeria n predicted our disamalgamation by 2015 few years ago,and behold;bokoharam became a household name to even d unborn child.dis is all part of d jewish conspiracies world round.cant ur dum asse see that or dont tell me u ve wonder Adolf Hitler almost annihilated all d look at d evil seed they have planted in d world.

  12. Resist 2 be always fooled by PDP. Boko haram is created by PDP as they did create Niger Delta militants. The latest creation of the PDP is Christian-Muslim hatred or beta still North-South rivalry.The joy i have in all is that whatever thing that has a beginning must surely have an end.Be wise!

    • efe d big fool, are u a leaner ? i know 4 sure dat d promoters & godfathers of BH are from opposition parties which are TINUBU d GLORIFIED AREA BABA & BUHARI d GLORIFIED ILLETRATE just to distract GEJ’s attention

  13. I sincerely pray we understand one another and remain one united country,because I think that is God intention for making us one country. Please let us always know that though tongues and tribes may defer but in one country we belong.