‘My Boyfriend Pees In My Mouth And Beats Me If I Refuse To Swallow It’

Am Juliet and i’m 24-years-old. I stay with my boyfriend of campus, every morning my boyfriend likes to takes his morning pee in my mouth.

coupleThis started way back in my year 1 when we just decided to get freaky, he then suggested that he pee in my mouth which I agreed and since then he will wake me up and tell me he has to pee so i will get on my knees open my mouth real wide and wait for him to fill my mouth with his hot morning pee and after his done peeing in my mouth i suck his penis until he comes this is how i start my morning.

He has gotten use to it that whenever I refuse doing it, he will beat me up so bad. I really love him so much, I don’t want to get him hurt, now am scared of swallowing his pee because people say it contains harmful substance. Please is it true, and if yes how do I stop my boyfriend from this act without him beating me up,he enjoys it,is it that he’s abusing me indirectly or i am just confused, please help!


  1. Let he that that have ears hear what the spirit saying. Not love dear and pray well to be free from the spirit.

  2. I am so sorry you have to go thru that. You have to find a way to help yourself and leave him. He will kill you and find a new girl to swallow his piss. Embrace God he is all you need. Your family and friends love you stay alive for them.

  3. since u love him and u hate ur life keep swallowing his sperm or pee as morning breakfast and as i can see it is good to ur system lolz…

  4. Eventhough I hate cock and bull stories, I can’t help it but to comment my reserve. That your made up boy friend is a pyscho, thus you need to leave that relationship that relationship asap. Go back to your room/accomadation unless you want to wake up dead one morning.

  5. U dont ned 2 get any advace dat is gud 4 u becos a stubon fly folo dead body into grave .keep luving hin. Ebrace god and be save 4rm dat tomerment of ur so call bfend.

  6. You started badly n wrongly too. It is better u drinking d urine of ur boyfriend. Look for another boy who will not give u urine to drink

  7. U started it all so u hve to finish it…i 1der hw stupid n crazy some gals cld b all in d name of luv…God help u chaaa…

  8. U̶̲̥̅̊ ​A̶̲̥̅̊я̲̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ such a fool I don’t have to waste M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ advice on such a fool like you….cox ♈ōϋя dead already

  9. Get this into your head: your so-called boyfriend does not love you, you are just an INSTRUMENT for him to achieve ecstasy. Get him the hell out of your life before he ends or destroys you.

  10. if its thru, u are the biggest idiot that ever lived, boyfriend not even a husband.sorry for you continue it will make you get fatter.

  11. U r nt married nd u r already drinkin his pee,wat wil u do wen u get married?eat his faeces?
    Girl abeg wise up nd move ahead wit ur life.u r worth more dan ds bully***i kw girls hardly heed to advice wen it coms 2 tinz of emotion***.i wish u gudluck

  12. You can also eat his shit every morning it can make your skin fresh, the pee is also good for you bcos pee contains vitamins but it is better you start eating his shit also bcos shit especially morning shit can make you more brilliant in school. As an advise wen you suck his manhood make sure you squeeze his testicles very very hard so they will get crushed, after which you can cut them off add onions, add pepper, maggi and fry. Eat wit bread its good for u. Take care.

  13. Rawface pls dnt srop it so dat u wnt loose him keep drinkin it a mata of time after ur tommy is fid up wit urine e wi go an mary d type dat dosnt drin pees unlike u

  14. there are other things u can do if u wanna get wild wt ur boifwend buh dis is self esteem abuse…..desist from it nd go to d hospital for checkup

  15. r u dat so foolish to drink human’s pee like drinking water. all in d name of luv. tel ur guy to drink urs aswell. he doesnt luv u , he wants to rubbish u. pls stop dat nonsense is nt luv.

  16. My advice you for is that, u should keep on drinking he urine becos it has a very active ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and the rest of vitamins and all these vitamins are good for your body. Drink it while it hot, I mean Hot. Mumu No. 1

  17. Just a bf,nat even a husband… U nid deliverance 4rm dat bad spirit…i advice u go 2 SCOAN 4 TB JOSHUA or any of d wise men 2 deliver u.

  18. Hmm! You have spoken well my friends,my piece of fucking advice is that u should tell ur bf dat u’l be peeing in his mouth as he has being doing,if he refuse then 4get about him he din’t luv u

  19. Girl, i hope my advice actually gets to you. I will not mince words about the fact that you have been a fool for that stupid boyf of yours. If it were a test, you only need to do such a funny thing once to prove your love, loyalty or whatever. I as an individual cannot ask my lady for such a thing but then again, people are very different. What he carries out on you is not a sex act but is called abuse and are you aware that he will have shared that ugly secret with his close friends and that in itself is demeaning. Those friends can keep their mouth shut for ever but may likely strike if you someday want to marry somebody important, rich or famous then they simply smash your future.
    If truly you are in the university, find one serious cult guy you will like and go explain your situation to him. He will treat that guy for you. The next option is to go to the police but the sad side is that the police will give you no protection after the case is closed. The next and best option would be to go on your knees and pray to God to remove you from that relationship in the fastest way He can by His MERCY. You are in obvious sin so do not pray without asking Him to have mercy on you. Do not forget to apologise for your numerous sins too cos i’m sure that guy must be penetrating you via the anus by now. Choose your options and be free

  20. 2my fellow respondents,the babe askd4our advice nt insult,pls cut d gal sm slack,mst of us insultin ds gal do weird tins dan wat she’s doing,so stop critizin.n 4d gal all I av2say is ds ur freaky stuff was a wrong decisn but if u browse ur internet,ur early morning urine is medicinal,so tk urs not his n abt d beatin,pls leave d man,its nt luv but infantuation…am sorry 4ur pains

  21. u re under bondage. Devil has ruled over ur life, wht u re driking is not just urine is chemical u need to visit a doctor and go for deliverance if u like ur seif

  22. hmmm d gurl dn kolo, i must say sm galz re so blinded by diz so called love or wateva dt dy cannot evn c hw stupid dy re, plz if she does av a religion let her go 2rough her religiour ettiquette or better stil let her go home nd tel her family nd c hw dy’il react.. (Lwkmd) stupid love

  23. LWKMD 4 HERE O…………………am sowie to say- u r so stupid and foolish. ur brain no supox tell u say it no gud 4 ur b4….afta u dn drink 4 so many yrs,u com dy complain. he neva beat u,MAKE HE BEAT U WELLA

  24. Are u stupid or what? i wonder if u ever go to church. How can u be doing such abominable act with that possessed/demonic boy friend of urs. I will advice u to run before it’s too late for you and make sure u go to hospital to thorough check-up and treatment. Then stop that ur illicit affair and ask God for forgiveness.

  25. you are the biggest fool i have ever heard off. continue with your urine and if possible aad his shit to make you fat

  26. Gurl….in dis 2rst century? Hw can u allow urself 2 be deceived by someone who doesnt care one bit abt ur good…..d earlier u pull out of dat relationship dear, d better 4 u…..d guy is demon-possessed….take a walk out of d relationship….No amount of physical intimidation should allow u do what u ordinarily wuld not do….like such dangerous acts of ur man…

  27. U must b joking. But if not, then u are a bastard, cow, nuisance, dog rat, goat, lizard, ass, harlot, dummy, asawo, rotten-mango, hopeless-brat, condemed-animal ,bushmeat. You are a disagrace to woman-hood and your family. Finally, you are useless to yourself and the world.

  28. sum tyms i doubt d authenticity of stories like this, bt anyway dear, u were nt born into this word 2 b any one’s slave.. dnt b blinded by ur so called ‘love’ which 2 me, is actually u being scared of being alone. 4rm all indication he values his pc more dan u re.. pick yourself n your dignity, n tell him u re more dan jst a push over.. u ve got a great life ahead of u!

  29. hi urine drinker. Pls try visit the hospital for a check up. When u come back, tell ur man that he has given u HIV AIDS. And watch whether he loves u or not. U suckaway.

  30. Dats no luv, u re just bein foolish… I fink foolish is even a beta word to use for ur kind…. Baby gal its high time u left his him and focus on ur future.

  31. You’re all petting this psycho woman, her likes should be greasing on grasses, how can a human being be feeding on ammonia every morning? Isn’t that madness? The two of you are ritualists…how I wish I know you ‘l report you to the police. Pls try this other one…try his excreta tomoro morning you’l like it…later a responsible man ‘l come and marry you thinking he has gotten himself a wife not knowing he’s going home with a vector of countless STDs . Good luck retarden!

  32. ”Mr and Mrs Smith” love….If u really want him to stop beating u up in d morning, start by eating his faeces then move on to licking his anus. He’ll love u much more than he already does. I wish u all d best in ur romantic relationship. Girl, hold on to dis guy! Dnt lose him cos u’ll neva find anyone better.

  33. Juliet,sincerely ds post dissapointed me.Why are u seeking 4 a piece of advice dt u might end up not considering.In d first place,why are u staying off campus with ur bf?if sch hostel accomodatn is nt available in ur sch or u dont like sch hostel why dont u av ur own personal apartmen?if u cant afford apartment due 2 financial constraint why dont u beg 1 of ur friends 2 allow u stayin wt her g sometime bg u get ur own apartment?Let m tel u if u r datin some1,u @times dont av rational thinking all in d name of lust dt w refer 2 as love.Pls find ur way out of his apartment cos there may b spiritual attached 2 what he is doin.Have u asked ursef ds question ;why must he insist dt i must drink his irritatin early morni urine if nt dt there’s somethn attached a it.

  34. I think the cause was that u guys watches lots of porn videos and decided to carry it out practically, so first step is to stop watching porn movies, and I think d second step is for u to take d boldest step of ur life by quitting d relationship, he will come begging but pls run as fast as u can to save ur self from bondage. May God be with u

  35. wow hell is on fire o. Girl this dog u called ur boyf re using u for ritual and u still lv him, u drink d pees of somebody whom did nt love u, what will do when u found someone who loves u?

  36. @Uju: your advise is the best. If u stop at drinking urine you no try nah! Eat his excreta. Follow Uju’s advise.

  37. mumu drink d pees well well becos na so ur mama drink ur papa own foolish,mad gir,l yeye…………….
    happy drinking


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