Nasarawa Bloodbath: 270 People Were Killed, Al-Makura Signed Single Term With Us — Eggon Assoc. President

Umaru-Tanko-Al-Makura1The national president of the Eggon Cultural and Development Association, Mr Chris Mamman, on Tuesday, has shed more light on last week Tuesday’s massacre of security personnel at Alakyo village, in Lafia East Development Area of Nasarawa state, saying that about 270 people lost their lives including members of the outlawed Ombatse militia.

Mamman, who gave the figure during a press conference at the palace of Aran-Eggon, in Nasarawa-Eggon Local Government Area of the state, lamented that the casualty figure was higher on the part of villagers than the security operatives.

He further explained that with the information at the disposal of the association, the Ombatse group lost 21 of its kinsmen during the ambush and they had since been buried at the village.

Expressing regrets that the bloody outcome of the security operation would have been averted if the state government had applied wisdom, Mamman said members of the Ombatse group were just 10 per cent of Eggon nation and therefore could not be said to be acting on behalf of the Eggon people.

He also reiterated the speculation that has become rife in recent weeks that Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura entered into an agreement with the Eggon people to run for only one term of four years before they voted for him in 2011; a pact he said the governor has not reneged on; either publicly or in secret.


  1. The governor signed one term agreement, so? that gives you the right to kill security men, and increased the number of widows and orphans in our land. Beware the day of judgement is coming.

  2. Inshort this is the sign of endtime. The governor hv nt come up 2 tell nigeria what agreement he made wit the group dat push them 2 such an act. FG should look into this case carefully bc alot of things will unvail it’self that will help to sanitise even other states. Who knows how many of our governors who are in such deity deal. Some of them go extrem to be there by all means nt minding the end result. The governor & the group should be call for an interogation if nigerias want to know the truth.

  3. @Madu: Read the article well, nobody said it has right to kill because of the agreement, all the man is trying to highlight to my understanding of this article is, there is more to what we know, there is something they are not telling the public. Anyway, whatever it is, I pray earnestly that God will comfort the families of the deceased and the nation entirely. I pray that by their death, God will reveal every secret deal and evil plans that is made to destroy our dear State. May God deliver Nasarawa State.


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