Nasarawa Killing: Jonathan Playing Politics With Nigerians’ Lives

President-Goodluck-Ebele-Jonathan-360x225Former Commissioner of Police Lagos State, Abubakar Tsav, has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of playing politics with the lives of innocent Nigerians hence his refusal to hold a nationwide broadcast on the killing of over 100 security operatives in Nasarawa State.

“We agree that revenge attack on Ombatse cult community by the police will negate the statutory role of the police in the protection of lives and property. However, in a situation where a whole detachment of police officers is killed in one swoop, we expected President Jonathan to make a broadcast to the nation on the situation and to order immediate deployment of the military to go after the suspects and their sponsors, just as was done in Udi and Zaki Biam, but with human face,” Tsav said.

He wondered if the President’s silence is because the killing took place in a Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) controlled state.

“Could it be that the president is dragging his feet because the killings took place in a state controlled by the opposition-CPC? Did the president not take oath to defend the entire country as his constituency? Is Nassarawa State not part of Nigeria? Must the president fold his arms and allow Ombatse continue to kill and maim law enforcement agents? The president has to act; the murderers of policemen and their sponsors must be arrested and brought to justice. Those still being held captive must also be freed and above all the senseless flow of blood must stop for peace to reign,” Tsav said.


  1. I wonder o! Our President is being 2 careful(?) 4 my liking…..he doesn’t want 2 offend anybody…..especially in the North. I hate 2 say that he z afraid of some powerful party members who re the problems of the nation. He should rather wake up 2 his resposibilities or quit the stage…..

    • Is good to blame the president now. We from the north just want power that is all. If Nigeria is our country we could have given him the cooperation from day one, but instead our so called leaders in the past kept on making statements. The president has to be afraid, because some of the military officers took side in matters of security. Some people in the north are aware of it and knowing that Jonathan has no military experience before, they embacked on this military style to confused him the more. When large weapons were important through Nigeria from Iran a muslim country, the NSA then Gusau was there he kept quite until when he left in a dramatic way to joined in the contest to be president., the Army chief was who? Danbazua, what did they do? nothing, why? because power is not in the hands of the north as if, the north is not in nigeria. The north was incharged of security throughout the years what did they do in aspect of planning for the security of the nation? nothing. Up to the time of Azazi, all the NSA were muslims from the north, if to say, this people worked and wish the country well, they could have planned for Nigeria and Nigerians but they planned only for their families and their religion. I want us to observe from now, if some one from them, should become president today they will stop in order to give him cooperation so that people will say, he is doing find meanwhile they will go back to under ground planning waiting for the time a Christian will become president. Take a look at kaduna State, since the death of Yakowa have you heard any thing? Northern Nigeria hausa/fulani let nigeria and Nigerians be.

  2. What ever decision he takes the people from the north must complain what else do you want?you people commit havoc intentionally in order to give the president a bad name.

  3. Tsav you sound like an illiterate and it seem you’re ignorant about the law,I wonder how you rose to the rank of CP,fool.


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