NFF Urges Nationwide League To Search For Sponsors In A Bid To Enhance Its Self- Autonomy.

Nigeria Football Federations.
Nigeria Football Federations.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has given the Nigeria Nationwide League (NNWL) self- autonomy.

Briefing newsmen after yesterday’s (Monday) board meeting, held at the league’s secretariat in the FIFA Goal Project, Package B of the National Stadium, Abuja, chairman of the NNWL and board member of the NFF Alhaji Ahmed Mu’azu Kawu directed the NNWL to look for potential sponsors that will sponsor the league.

He said the NNWL as an independent league board is now free to look for sponsors from anywhere.

“We had meeting with the NFF and they have agreed that we can look for sponsorship. Though NFF is our parent body, but the league has independent board that can look for their own sponsors from anywhere,” Kawu said.

Alhaji Kawu believes the Nigeria Nationwide League is now sanitised in such a manner that the quality of football played at that level improved and it appeals to sponsors

With Good Cooperate Sponsors the 'Sky Is the Spring- Board' For This Footballers.
With Good Cooperate Sponsors the ‘Sky Is the Spring- Board’ For This Footballers.

“The league has been sanitised and its quality of football has also improved tremendously because both the players, club officials and referees are now happy to give their best. This season, we have low cases of field encroachment and protests. The referees are doing their best and fair in their officiating. So, the Nationwide League will be the largest football league in the country and a good political tool for any organisation or government to fish on,” he said.

“In all the security challenge we have been facing, we have not recorded any case of bomb explosion in a football field or during football matches. Football is still being played in Maiduguri, home of Boko Haram. This is to tell you that football can be used to solve security problems, poverty and unemployment if really government is serious about developing it at the grassroots,” Kawu concluded.