Nigerian Army Begins Offensive Against Boko Haram, Raids Sambisa Camp


The Nigerian army has begun an offensive against Boko Haram Islamists, raiding camps in a remote northeastern park, while more than 2,000 troops have been deployed to retake territory seized by the insurgents, a military source told AFP Thursday.

“Our men raided some terrorist camps in the Sambisa Game Reserve,” in Borno state, said the senior officer who requested anonymity. “So far 2,000 troops have been deployed to Borno,” he added, declining to comment on the forces sent to the other affected states of Yobe and Adamawa.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan had earlier in the week declared Emergency rule in some Northern states following a spate of attacks in recent weeks that claimed scores of lives.

The move has been condemned by some Nigerians who believe it’s a way of wresting power from the Northern governors whose states were affected. However, other Nigerians and foreign observers have described it as a welcome development, and a move they believe can put an end to the crisis that seem to be pushing the West African nation to the brink of war.


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