Nigeria’s BBA Rep, Beverly Osu – “I Don’t Take Men Seriously Again”

“Once bitten twice shy”…..We’ve all heard this saying before and some of us still don’t get it. Big brother Africa housemate from Nigeria, Beverly Osu spoke her heart out on matters of the heart.

When questioned about falling in love in the Big Brother Africa house, the Rubies housemate said:

I was in a relationship with this guy and I was close to marrying, but I broke up with him after fighting with my parents over him, and with my friends too, only to find out that he had not a single feeling for me. So I had to break up with him. After all that this guy did to me, every guy I’ve met or any one that tells me he’s in love with me, I don’t take seriously.
All I know is that you guys will be chasing something and on getting it, you leave the morning after that.


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