North’s Voting Power’ll Send Jonathan Packing In 2015 – Farouk Aliyu

aliyu_200_160The war of words between the North and Niger Delta campaigners for President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election in 2015 continued yesterday with a former member of the House of Representatives, Farouk Adamu Aliyu, boasting that the north would ensure that Jonathan does not return to power through their enormous voting strength and not through the barrels of the gun.

Addressing a news conference in Abuja, Aliyu, a former minority leader in the House of Reps expressed regret that Jonathan had allowed his kinsmen to insult and intimidate the rest of Nigerians because of his 2015 ambition.

Describing himself as one of those who berthed the Jonathan Presidency with the Save Nigeria Group, Aliyu wondered where the likes of Asari Dokubo and his cohorts were when opposition mounted against the President’s inauguration as acting president.

In the conference text entitled, “Ungrateful President and his people”, Aliyu chronicled the different selfish actions and utterances by Jonathan since his ascension to the highest office in the land which showed that he was more interested in the welfare of the Ijaws than other Nigerians.

Apparently angered by the actions of the President, Aliyu pointed out that unlike in 2011 when the people of the area rejected their own and voted massively for Jonathan, he said the table would turn in 2015 as a lesson that a Nigerian leader should not be sectional or tribalistic in the administration of the nation.

“We in the north will take over from Jonathan through the ballot box and not through the barrels of the gun as some elements threatened recently. By the grace of God, we shall take over from him,” Aliyu boasted.

“We call on President Jonathan to dissociate himself from those who are beating the drums of war and to call them to order so as not to truncate the democratic governance in Nigeria, which all Nigerians fought for.

“We know that it is only the President of a country that can boast that nobody can arrest him and nothing happens. But now, some people are threatening the law enforcement agencies and the National Assembly to dare arrest them and see what they will do without the President saying anything.

“As at today, we are all Nigerians and the President has the responsibility to treat us as Nigerians. But we are worried that he has kept mute over those planning genocide, hatred and destruction of lives and property because of their selfish interest.

Aliyu dismissed Chief Edwin Clark’s statement that nothing would happen if Jonathan loses in 2015, saying the Ijaw leader was one of the problems of Nigeria.

According to him, Clark has not done as much as he has been doing to bring about peace and unity in Nigeria.

On the threats by Niger Delta militants that they would stop the flow of oil through the pipelines to all parts of Nigeria should Jonathan lose out in 2015, Aliyu emphatically declared that no one region or ethnic group could lay claim to the oil resources as it belonged to all Nigerians.

He said, “We in the north believe that the oil in Bayelsa or Delta belong to us in Jigawa or any other state in the north. We shall therefore do anything humanly possible to defend that our oil in Bayelsa or anywhere else in this country.

“As long as we remain as Nigerians, we shall stake claim to the oil resources just as other Nigerians are benefitting from the mineral resources found in Jigawa or Sokoto State.”


  1. Is unfortunate that our political leaders fight for political respective post rather than the welfare of the masses. Aliya if I may ask what have u done to rescue masses being kill on daily basis in ur states of crisis. Now u stand criticizing GEJ leadership is it not you and your kinsman that promise and is achieving ur aim of making the Country ungovernable for him. I don’t even perceived any chances of a Northern riding on that presidential sit again following the incident that have label it the Boko haram North. On the other hand I blame GEJ for his gentle and fragile approach to issues,as no one citizen and controller and Chief of Arm staff he could have done more.

  2. What resources are produced in Jigawa & Sokoto States that contribute revenue to the federation account? You need to study human geography. Illiterate!

  3. Aliyu is not constructive. Am not supporting Asari Dokubo and Aliyu ideal of arresting hin is not welcome. When Buhari made such comment was he arrested. You guys are not concern with Nigeria interest at heart, Aliyu you are after you own personal interest. You are not God so keep your mouth shot ok

  4. Hahaha this joker said the North believes the oil in delta belongs to them. Hahahahahaga. Real joke. That statement in itself is more alarming n incisive than any Asari made. Keep fooling urself there.

  5. Farouk.Short up your mouth.If you must condem any inflamatory statement from Niger Delta start with Buhari and his like from the North who started it.You claim that the oil belong to all Nigerians.Yes.But the people of the old East(Niger Delta/East Region) own it more.You will so much be disappointed to see that if there is any attack on Niger Delta we the Igbos will stand by them.Hausa/Fulani vote alone is not enough to unseat GEJ as I am sure that other Northerners will shun you people for GEJ again.Dont forget that of course we the Igbois will still do it again 99% for GEJ to make it.In the West GEJ may likely score about 55%.What else remain?You claim that Nigeria is benefiting from your resources.Good,How many people from the old East or West own those your resources or controling them as the North alone is controling all the Oil blocks in the South.Something you claim belongs to all Nigerians.The mllitary ceded all oil blocks to the Northerners without considering any Southerner a situation which still remain till today.By the way what Resoiurces of the North are you talking of Mr Farouk?The North have occupied the seat of Power for long.Tell me what have they done for North and Nigeria that Jonathan have refused to do?So Niger Delta/Igbo is only good to lay the golden eggs for Nigeria but never to rule?So long as I am conserned it is One Oil not One Nigeria.Mr Farouk when you said that the North will use their voting power to unseat GEJ without telling us why,you are guilty of tribalism and not the President who did not arrest people from S/S for replying people like you in their own language.On one old East we Stand.You people divded us old East in the past to gain access to our oil.We will not let you do so again now.

  6. all those threatening the sovereign state of Nigeria for what so ever reason should be arrested no matter how highly placed dey are, its a big insult for a few persons to play god over some 160 million.

  7. joshua,King,ANIEKAN EKANEM,Olorogun,Kachi Okoronkwo,kenny,and alex you guys are stupid,uneducated and bastard.go and read nigeria history and how the oil was found in nigeria as you guys ar claiming is you birth right and father. Property.God jst give u a taste of power and you ar misusing it wit tribalising and religion bigotism.if GEJ loses in 2015 nothin would happen in not your elders dat has been cheating and denying you guys your enjoyment.and u ar blaming d northern leaders n elders.God is watching u ungrateful beast.

    • Abdul Garba, if i may ask, for 36 years that your brothers rulled this nation to the point of killing our economy, what can you boast of as a northerner? Remember, despite all the loot made by your northern brothers, the northerners still have beggers begging for money,used clothes n food every where in the East, West, North, south and south-south. IBB your brother and the rest killed our economy for 36 years and you want GEJ to revive it in less than 2years? Shame to you northerners, you should not be part of Nigeria. you have caused this country a lot pains and bad image already. Did u knw that 83% of Niger Delta oil block is colonized by the Northerners? yet, you stink in pooverty.

  8. Northerners are power drunk and blood tasty. When they were in power, Boko Haram remained unconceived until power shifted to the South South, (IS NIGERIA NORTHNERS PERSONAL PROPERTY?) then they came up with give me ‘MY PROPERTY ATTITUDE’.
    The Southners in the other hands should not allow toothless dogs barking to stir them unto breaching national peace as the Northners are doing with their religio-political mad dog Boko Haram.
    They have rejected armnesty because they know that power WILL not return to the north again so as to hold on to their weapon of destruction against the present regime.
    Nigerians should open their eyes and decide either to vote suicide bombers and religious Jihadists into power or to vote dove like and peace makers into power.
    2015, maybe the end of the entity called Nigeria.

  9. Gentle men , i don’t mind healthy discussion. Provided people remine objective in their assesment. Now i have hard of a perticular word being repeated in diffirent forums. This word (s) is those northerns, thoes southners etc. And i notice people say this things with alot of passion. This very statement constitute more than 50% of what bring disunity and hatred among the people of this country. The question is are all the people in the south west bad, No or are all the people in the north bad, NO. Are all the people in East bad, NO. So why generelize the issues. If i ama a northner and you are telling me about the attrocities of babagida and you tell me he is my brother, you will have to proove to me that i and babangida took decission together. Or i have benefitted from his admin. So truth is that, when these people are stealing from nigerians there is no south or north. All of them northners, southner,easthner etc are all in it togetger.i am yet to hear any body that said, i am an easthner and these ejow people are stelling peoples money and since i con’t stop them, i am retairing. How many northners, southners,eastners or westerns did that, negligible. Please don’t tell me about majority of the people that did any attrocities in this country are from one section of this country. This is also not an acceptable argument. Because there has never been a time in this country that is 100% governed by one section of this country. Even during the military era when we hard of the langtang mafia, it is not only the plateau people that incharge of this country. It a know fact that the problem of this country started at far back then we have not hear any body from any part of this country, in the government saying his people are not being carried along. The point is that, all the nigerians that have the privillage of holding any position in any government be it military or civil should be held responsible for the problems of this country.becouse each of them had a chance to fixed things but fail. If one says, no i have a boss who prevented me from doing the right thing, and he/she continour to serve on that same sit, then he/she is not better off than his boss and therfore gilty as charged.
    Therefore, if these rouges that distroyed this country are mentioned by name not labeling or calling the entair geographical location where they come from as criminals, then chances are that the Nigerian people can cocentrate on the real culprits. As it is now, the culpripts are hiding inbetween us while we fight on pages of facebook and any other medium, they are busy making billions. The ealier we wiseup and stop all these bleming games and pointing accusing fingers on each other the better it will be for all of ous. So what if you support or oppose jeg, it does not matter as he will what he and his people want. It may intrest you to note that they are both northerners, southners,eastners,westners,muslim,christain,traditional religion i told they even have guru maharaji in there mist.

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