Odemwingie Sheds More Light on the Deadline Day Transfer Saga, the Striker Was Willing to Top QPR’s Fee with ‘£700,000′ Out of His Wages.

It’s a pity Peter Osaze Odemwingie has had to sit on the bench during West Bromwich Albion’s games and even booed and jeered by supporters at the slightest opportunity of a recall.

The West Brom striker has described the last four month as the worst of his life and claims he was prepared to pay nearly £1 million of his own money to leave the Hawthorns.

‘Osaz’ as he is fondly called, drew the ire of Albion’s management on the final day of the January transfer window when he drove all the way to London to try to broker a last- minute move to Loftus Road.

Osaze Odemwingie.
Osaze Odemwingie.

The Beijing Olympic silver medalist now claims he was even prepared to top up QPR’s £3 million offer with £700,000 of his hard- earned money to get out of West Brom. He further clarified the whole deadline day transfer issue, stating critically that he only travelled to London because he understood the deal was all but completed.

“I’ve had probably the worst four months of my whole life.

“I don’t know what the future is. We agreed not to talk about January 31st again but my question is: why don’t you want to talk about the 31st?

“What’s the big deal? It’s not a crime to have a misunderstanding.

“I’m a person of principle so let’s talk about it. I don’t do anything hidden, I’m very transparent.

“There was a £3 million bid from QPR then on January 31st Albion offered me a solution.

“They said if QPR were prepared to go to £3.5 million and I topped that up with £700,000 out of my wages as part of the deal to make it up to £4.2 million, then it can go ahead.

“While I was at home packing my bag to London, Dan (Ashworth, sporting and technical director) phoned my agent and said I need to give up his bonus, which I refused because we had already agreed and I had given up enough.

“His last words to me were ‘no need to hang around Peter, we’ll finish it all on the phone.’

“As we were ten minutes away from QPR’s office my agent told me that without Junior Hoillet (moving in the other direction) there is no deal.

“If I knew Hoillet was part of the deal I would have not left Birmingham without finding whether the boy was definitely coming.”

Odemwingie also claimed the former manager Roy Hodgson had made a damning statement pertaining to himself ahead of a game against Tottenham in November 2011, when he publicly doubted his commitment. And that his career has been tarnished by such claims as the present Three Lion handler further warned the club that if he (Odemwingie) wasn’t allowed to change clubs he ‘might explode.’

Former Baggies Manager Roy Hodgson.
Former Baggies Manager Roy Hodgson.

Peter Odemwingie has since January spent most of his time on the bench while his teammates play on and has been a laughing stock among Baggies fans. Earlier this month, TV presenter and long- time club supporter Adrian Chiles called him ‘t**t’ of the season’ at the end- of- season awards.


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