Oshiomhole Can’t Deny He Begged To Join PDP – Metuh

oshiomhole_969270220The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has for the umpteenth time dared Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State to open up on his desperate bid to join the party instead of allowing his aides who knew nothing about it to be defending him.

In a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, the party also berated the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, for taunting the PDP on its poor showing in last month’s council in Edo State on account of the party’s loss of last year’s gubernatorial election.

Challenging Oshiomhole to tell the world how he begged to join the PDP, the party said: “We view this step as necessary against the background of porous and laughable defence posted by both ACN and low cadre assistants to Governor Oshiomhole. This challenge is direct to Oshiomhole. Let him prove wrong, a well documented overture he made to join PDP, a party he lately labelled ‘party of rogues.’ A word from the horse’s mouth will either settle this matter or further provide an avenue into the wicked lie that several leaders of the opposition live in our dear nation.

“We do not wish to debate here the contentious performance of Governor Oshiomhole for it pales into insignificance, when compared to that of other PDP state governors. We do not also need to attack Governor Oshiomhole for reasons of relevance as his party alleged. We only challenged him on a well documented overture he desperately made to join our party. This challenge, he has not taken up because he knows the truth. Let him speak out.”

Dismissing the ACN’s argument that PDP could not have won a seat at the controversial Edo local government elections as standing logic on its head, Metuh said that there was no basis to say that “because Governor Oshiomhole won the state governorship election, ACN must win all the seats in a local election.”


  1. Olisa! Y nt usin these precious time 2 draft a political ideology 2 pdp which is lack since 1999? Oshiomhole is a world class material,no need 4 poster b4 recognition,even if oshio baba wanted membership in pdp dat should be 2007 wen he was stil a neutral aspirant,and he only wanted 2 sweep d nonsense in d amaoba u called pdp.

  2. Olisah or what ever you called your self, keep quit and stop fooling yourself, if your party desided to be working with vissionless people what is our business, Edo people are smarter than you, nonsense

  3. It doesn’t matter if he had begged in the past to join PDP what matters most is that he’s performing credibly well when compared to other PDP governing states. Can Metuh mention a PDP governor that has performed better than Oshiomhole in this country? PDP is one party that does not have the interest of this nation at heart. Deceptive manifesto that has never translated into any meaningful thing for the average earning/living Nigerian. The Party is loaded with criminals, killers, 419’s, people with dubious tendencies. What a shame!!!!! Criminalism is what the party “PDP” is known for in almost all the states being governed by this “Pretenders Devilish Party” of Nigeria.


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