Oshiomole Orders Protesting Students To Pay For Vandalised School Property


Protesting students of Idogbo Secondary School, in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo state, who destroyed the school’s property while protesting the death in an accident, of one their colleagues, have been directed by the state Governor Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, to pay for the vandalised property.

Oshiomhole noted during a visit to the school to assess the level of damage to the facilities, that the students had no reason to resort to the destruction of the school’s facilities, no matter the level of provocation, adding that if teachers could be sanctioned for flouting directives, students were not an exeption.

“Let me advise you strongly that on no account should you vandalise government property and in particular, on no account should you vandalise your school. If you are annoyed over something and you tear your shirt, will that make sense?

“Unfortunately, someone was knocked down by a car and he died. We are still trying to find out the role of the teacher who was responsible, to determine whether the death was preventable. I assure you that once the facts are clear, government will take the right decision because as a government, the life of every person living in Edo State is important to us and it is even more so when we are talking of children,” the governor said.



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