Oshiomole Says Edo State Government Will Not Subsidise Pilgrimage


It has been annual practice of Nigerian states for years now to send selected indigenes of the state on pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem, but Edo State will not be sending pilgrims to the holy lands this year.

Governor Adams Oshiomhole, on Thursday, made this known as he said the state government would not use taxpayers’ money to subsidise pilgrimage to holy lands, describing the exercise as “a luxury”.

Oshiomhole who stated this while receiving commissioners and officials of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission in Benin, the Edo State capital said, “For those who want to travel for pilgrimage, we cannot discourage them, but what I am not ready to do is to take taxpayers’ money to subsidise someone who wishes to go and pray. I have issues with that because people who pay taxes work so hard to pay.

“If you look at the totality of the challenges that we face, many are homeless, so many communities are without water, many schools we have rebuilt and still many more to be done. Many people are unemployed, many are hungry; quite a number are in the hospital, who are not able to pay their bills. When you look at all these and several other problems, I am of the opinion that pilgrimage is not a priority.”

The governor added, “I have a deeper insight into the challenges that confront the Nigerian nation and even Edo State. I have come to the conclusion that pilgrimage is a luxury. Even from the point of view of the poor, a man who has no roof over his head cannot be spiritually uplifted if he goes to Israel and returns to a state of homelessness.

“I would rather subsidise production, education and health care, because these are central to the survival of our people. So, this is an issue to which I have very strong position.

“Government is not going to campaign for more people going on pilgrimage as this puts more pressure on the exchange rate.

“In any case, only clean heart, rather than pilgrimage is what will decide our place hereafter.”


  1. What a pragmatic and visionary leader. Most of our leaders knew that all these so called holy land sponsorship are wasteful and highly hypocritical. However, virtually all the government officials in Nigeria do sponsor these trips only to feather their political nests and deceive the ignarant citizens

  2. Way 2 go gov adams,gd thinking y should state b sponsoring pple 4 pilgrimage,it should b d person personal expenses if he or she decide 2 go on any holy pilgrimage.hw i wish all other gov would emulate dis

  3. I have opposed this wasteful business, called pilgrimage. I witnessed a man at the secretariat in of the States in Nigeria, boasting that he has gone 5 times to pilgrimage and will still make sure he attends as many times as possible. And I asked myself, what then is the importance of this pilgrimage when it does not effect change in the lives of the pilgrims. How can someone be that deceitful in such exercise. Nigeria would have been a great society if this so called pilgrimage business is beneficial. Instead, pilgrims return and tag their names with JP and Alhaji, etc and continue stealing public funds and commit more terrible atrocities. It is not of any value to our national lives. I am of the opinion that, it should be stopped henceforth. If anyone is too holy or interested to go for tourism. He/she should use their money and fly to anywhere in the world, who cares. Thank you my loving GOVERNOR.


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