Photo: Boy Who Changed The Colour Of His Skin And Is Proud Of It

This guy(pictured below) said he is proud he changed the colour of his skin because “People use to tease me about my color so I went to change it. Now people have been noticing me”.

More girls that didn’t like me before are now interested in me and I’ve also been getting more opportunities.

So that goes to show you that looks are everything and nobody really cares about the person on the inside…..that’s sad thou…..#sad.



  1. you dont knw how ignorant you luk in d eyes of d world and how fury d Lord God of heaven luks at you,because ur action speaks of Gods incompetence,He who made ur skin dark is He not wise enof? Can u cheat God? Now dat u hav succided in changing ur outer skin hav u also bin able to change dat which is responsible 4 d production of ur black nature (gene)? You would account 4 urself wat u dit wit ur life on d day of judgement. If u knw wats gud 4 u acept Jesus Christ nw and be saved.

  2. Don’t mind them, my boi, you are finer and more handsome, now, I fact you look like a rapper…maybe you should try rapping, it might fit you so that you can make some dough, maybe you could get to the US and be famous…and don’t forget us when you make it