PHOTOS: Aspiring Nollywood Actress Attends Event Without Wearing Panties And Flaunts It

The aspiring actress and younger sister of TV personality Jumai Shaba wore this Pretty Mai by Gilbert sheer lace dress to Tiwa Savage’s album listening on Sunday May 26th.

Looking at her outfit, it is obvious Aisha is not wearing any underwear underneath her dress, and she appear to feel very comfortable with it as she is all smiles while taking a picture.


Source: LIB


  1. Mother Africa, your children have gone mad again!!!!.In the true African culture and values one is repeatedly reminded……REMEMBER THE CHILD OF WHO YOU ARE..First of all,does this lady have a family name to protect?.How did her family lose out on her?.Methink her family should insist on a DNA to determine if she is indeed a thoroughbred member of that family.
    If DNA confirms she is indeed a bonafide member then they should quickly get her to a psychiatrist and every adult member of that family should support her with a 3-day fast and prayer for she is indeed suffering from ego disorder.Remember the parable of the lost sheep. THE DEVIL MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO CAPTURE SUCH A SOUL WITHOUT A FIGHT.

  2. Nigerians r so hypocritical…if a hollywood star wears it, ‘oh wow gorgeous dress’ now a nollywood star does it, ‘she shud be ashamed’…I think its a beautiful dress n der’s nothing wrong with it! #myopinion #kys

    • Is Nollywood Hollywood? Nollywood films are full of witchcraft, magic, village life, traditional Ibo culture and other unimaginable things. Nollywood is ……… You know better.

  3. This is pure madness why did she even wear d lace at all, she is crying of shame not laughing.does she hav a backgnd, family or relatives @ all ? If yes pls she seriously need hot fire 4 fire MFM delivrnce.

  4. When does wearing panties become African culture again? She is free to run her life as she wishes as long as she no break any rule.

    • You are right, my man. In the North some women, fine babes at prime age go naked. Sorry, natural as tradition dictates to them. I saw it LIVE on a market day.

    • You people”critics” can be so anoying sometimes… some of you are talking about end time and indecent dressing here… some are talking about african culture and tradition, firstly is it a Nigerian tradition for the Leaders “government” to loot and steal the country wealth and keep all to it self and family?…if not then Nigeria is a lawless, tradionalless and cultureless country. Please please critics let everyone live he’s or her life.

  5. how else will she get to be noticed and auditioned for the next soft-porn role?….na she sabi! its her life…

  6. She did not have to comply your norms. As far as I can see, she is a desent humanbeing who chose to asertain her foudermental human right by dressing differently from everyone else. Her breast and her groin is not overly exposed, I do not see any harm in the way she dressed. You falanos and gbeboruns, should mind your own business. I appreciate your courage babe.

  7. And how is it your damn business that she’s without underwear? People should lean to mind their business. She can even go naked if she likes….its not your body that she’s exposing! So, leave her alone.

  8. Wel is nt her fult, it has cm to d end tm, sh even make mistake of wearing d lace, next tm plz don put on anytin, u are a disgrace to ur contry, infat u are a novince, u dat is suportin her. Encourage ur children to do d sametin, so dat wil all no dat u a gud suporter.

  9. Y cant y’all just shut the fuck up? Any lil thing “the end is near” hypocritical bitches and nigga… Y’all r just ignorant asses

  10. What is government doing about this? The time that it was rumored that Fashola administration was arresting ladies with indecent dresses, all these animals behaved themselves, That was an indication that they know what is good from what is bad. Let all well meaning and reasonable Nigerians stand up to savage this nation from moral decadence. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPlllllllllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. God have mercy, The world is indeed coming to an end. if people can actual say that, there is nothing wrong with her dressing…then little wonder what a generation, those saying nothing is wrong with her dressing can even dress or allow their sister go nude just to get attention from the media.

  12. There is a way that seems right unto a man/woman,d end of which is destruction.There is everything wrong with dis naked walking THINGS that call themselves ladies.Except they repent,destruction is imminent.Warn them.Hell is real,heaven is real.

  13. Well, I enjoyed your post. But, I won’t dress like that. I know my WORTH, whatever cheap popularity i want to catch wont reduce me to that level. you don’t know who God wants to make you in future, then people will dig out these pictures to terrorize you. I know someone who earned a Government appointment, only for her ‘RUNS’ friends to start threatening her with their escapade pics, She withdrew. Imagine a lifetime opportunity lost because of a temporary madness.

  14. leave her alone am nigerian nakedness is in our culture were I stay people open their breast for a certain cultural celebration…you people should stop critizing for me if I were in her place I will not only let him rest or squeeze my boobs..I would fuck him snap video myself enjoying being fucked and upload it for you stupid critics to see


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