Police Officer Kill Colleague Over A Bottle Of Beer

police fighting

An enraged Nigerian police officer shot dead his colleague after a squabble at a drinking bar in Ondo state on Saturday, witnesses and officials say.

Witnesses say Adelakun Lawal, an Inspector drew his pistol and fired at Kazeem Shehu, an Assistant Superintendent of police, at close range.

The two officers had gone to a relaxation joint at Ejankole Street in Okerowo area in Ondo town at about 5 pm, when suddenly an argument ensued between them, degenerating rapidly into a furious argument.

Both men refused mediation by other customers the bar before the attacker, attached to Yaba Divisional Police station, opened fire with his weapon.

After his colleague slumped on the ground, the attacker, Mr. Lawal, made attempts at escaping but was secured by the other customers.

The victim was until his death, a police prosecutor at an Ondo Chief Magistrate court. He was rushed to the Ondo State Specialist Hospital in Ondo town after the attack, where he was pronounced dead.

The police did not give official reaction. A spokesperson was said to be away from the town.