President Jonathan Is The Most Insulted, Disrespected And Abused In Nigerian History – Labour Party

goodluck-jona22The economic policies of the Federal Government have been described as unfavourable to the Nigerian people by the Labour Party.

The party, on Tuesday in Abuja, also warned that with the way the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, was handling the economy, Nigeria might not be able to fulfil her promise of employment generation.

The National Chairman of LP, Mr. Dan Nwanyanwu, who was Speaking when the Inter-party Advisory Council led by Dr. Yunusa Tanko paid a courtesy call on him, also warned politicians, especially opposition parties, to desist from insulting President Goodluck Jonathan.

He said, “The way the economy is being run by the coordinating Minister, Okonjo-Iweala, will not create the kind of development we need. The way she runs it will not give employment to Nigerians. She must change her tactics because her policies are hurting the economy.

“All those economic politics will not help Nigeria. All those economic policies are not helping Nigeria and I think with the away the Coordinating Minister is running the economy, we may not be able to generate the employment needed.”

While warning political leaders, especially those in the opposition parties on the need to desist from hauling abuses at the president, Nwanyawu suggested that IPAC should call a meeting of all political parties “and look for a means of addressing issues, try and fix a meeting with the President.”

According to him, abusing Jonathan unnecessarily would not earn Nigeria respect in the comity of nations.

He said, “We’ve political leaders, who wake up and just abuse the president. Our president is the most insulted, most disrespected and abused in the history of Nigeria.”


  1. It is so because Jonathan believes on freedom of information,rule of law and mostly he’s a true democrat,keep it up Mr President.

  2. Is not because he believe in freedom of speech but is having problem with being firm,indecision and compromise. A desire to listern to all and not to offend any,will only make you a weak leader.

  3. Yes I believe the guy allows you to say anything you want while he is focused on true democracy. I also believe that the Nigerian Press is sectional and mostly tribally biased. If the president is from another section of the country he might not be criticized as much.

  4. Yes he’s d most abused cos he’s d least performing president who became president accidentally. He’s not a straight-forward person who loves deception

  5. Anybody that abuses his leader is only defining the type of person he/she is. Let them keep it up and let the wise keep praying and giving him good counsel. God is watching and he will reward us definately.

  6. why don’t u(critist) contribute ur qouta for the progress of our dear country and stop the unnecessary criticism…mr president,GOD IS UR STRENGTH,HE WIL NT FORSAKE you and those you are ruling for devourer. In Jesus name.

  7. What is Labour Party actually saying? What NOI has done for the Nigerian economy is greatly appreciated if they don’t.


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