Private Jet War: You Won’t Deny The Existence Of A State Of Political Roforofoism – Obahiagbon Tells Amaechi

Former lawmaker and Chief of Staff to Comrade Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon has aired his view on the ongoing ‘war’ between President Goodluck Jonathan and Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State.

honourable-patrick-obahiagbonFondly called Igodomigodo, Obahiagbon who is known for his jaw-breaking words took to a popular social network to speak about the ongoing political ruckus in Rivers state.

Hear him, “I am in perfect simulacrum with you, Mr. Governor that, there is indeed no quarrel between you and Mr President, but you won’t deny the existence of a state of political roforofoism and the difference between the two is one of a tweedledum and tweedledee….would like to hear the asseverations of my friends on the political malodorous saga that is putrescently cocooning Rivers State, just now and thus precipitously corralling it into an eschewable socio-politico asphyxia…


  1. somebody shld tell ds igodomigodo guy dt it’s a awaste of time to speak to no body’s understandn. it might b fun listening to him as he conjure all his vocabs together to get a concord bt whn d ppl U’re talkn 2 do nt understand half of what you said, U HAVE NOT COMMUNICATED!

    • Mr. Kayode I think you are the one who should rise above your level of mediocrity and realise that there is nothing much to what he has said if only you will pay a little bit more attention.

      Its quite unfortunate that education does not have any reckon in our society any more today! Its so evident even in our media today. I see no big deal in what he has said or how he has utilized his words.

  2. Patrick is an obscurantist that needs to let people to decode his grammar. Though I respect his level of grammatical prowess and analysis on contemporary national issues but he must ensure to communicate well with the level of a layman’s understanding

  3. Mr patrick is a mongotatanaciouz apripongolistic grammerian of 19th century oxfrod learner dico.pls sombody shld tell him 2 b care of dis his unmeaningful grammer.1day he go speak wetin go make jonathan declear unneccessary public holiday 4dis country and mrs jonathan go travel without coming bk 2 ninja again o