Relationships: 10 Ways to Build A Happier, Healthier Marriage

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Be Partners

A marriage is a partnership; meaning ALL responsibilities must be shared. Nobody should be left to handle any task alone. Husbands help your wife with the kids and general home keeping and wives don’t expect him to handle the finances alone. If you’re not making any money of your own then help with proper accounting and don’t waste.

Say Thank You

Be appreciative of your spouse. Cherish everything they do for you even those that seem little. Thanking your spouse often will make them eager to please you and if you both develop this habit and are eager to please each other, then you’re on the way to building a happy, long lasting marriage.

Go To Bed at the Same Time

Intimacy is key to keeping your relationship alive and healthy, and bedtime is the closest and most intimate time of the day that you likely spend together. So keep the TV off and the smartphones out of the bedroom and focus on each other.

Have Fun Together

Actively seek to do things together you both enjoy, and do those things regularly.  Don’t allow your relationship to deteriorate to that of business partners. Don’t stop having fun together. If your relationship doesn’t have fun and laughter in it, it’s not going to be a happy one.

Hold Hands

Do it often. It’s amazing what a little touch can do to make you both feel more connected.

Have Sex

It’s the best way to bolster intimacy and connection, and absolutely necessary to any healthy relationship. So make time for it, and don’t try convincing yourself it doesn’t matter. It does. Most women forget the importance of sex after marriage and kids. Don’t deprive yourself and your husband of that connection.

Confide In One Another

Confide in one another before you confide in anyone else.  Be each other’s support system when you have problems or issues. Sharing your true thoughts and feelings with each other will bring you closer together.

Have a Secret Language

The closest couples tend to have a whole language of their own – in jokes and private signals and references that only they understand.  This gives you a whole new connection with each other, and shows that you’ve created a life together that you’ve set apart for just yourselves.

Compliment Each Other

Give each other compliments as often as possible.  If you’re living with a person and they constantly remind you how amazing you are, the view that the world has of them will be minor and important. Be your spouse’s cheerleader and biggest fan.

Don’t Air Dirty Laundry

Some things that happen in your home are just not for public consumption. Keep what should be private, private. Revealing some not so appealing things about your spouse and your marriage will amount to betraying a confidence and this will seriously hurt your spouse and your marriage.

Marriage is a life time affair. If you’re going to be together for life, then you might as well try your best to be happy together.


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