Sad Story: How I Was Scammed By A Jamb Official

My name is Cynthia Joseph, am 17 years old and I would like to share my JAMB story with you guys, so other people will not be deceived as i was deceived.

jambI wrote JAMB last year while I was still in ss3 and I scored 204. I was just testing my ability so I did not take the examination serious. My dad expected even more from me this year.

This year jamb exam was to hold on April but due to the fact that I was at home after my WAEC, I have started reading and preparing for JAMB since December 2012. My course is economics and I was sitting for Maths, English, Commerce and Economics.

I scored 183 in my second try. I checked my result in 3 cyber-cafe because it was so hard for me to believe it was my result, I cried and cried but the crying did not change anything.

My parents were not disappointed they were just surprised that I got that score but they said its God’s doing that I should wait for next year.. That was the saddest sentence I have ever heard in my life.

When my neighbor check his own he scored 215, he was so shocked he thought jamb made a mistake but what made him believe it was his result was because he used CHOKES.

Two weeks after the examination I came across a website When i saw the website I was shocked and I showed it to my elder brother who was a graduate he discouraged me to forget about the site, that it is against the law, he went further saying if i get caught i will spend some years in jail, but i laughed it off

I read all what was written on the website and it was so perfect that I believed every word that was written there. So i called the phone number and a guy picked it up, I told him that I saw his number on a jamb site and that i will like to upgrade my jamb score from 182 to 205. He said that’s not a problem and he would help me do it in 5 hours after payment. he requested for my jamb details which I sent and he told me that when I pay the money I should call him..

I was kinda happy and I decided not to tell my parents, I will use the upgraded result as a surprise to them, I brought out all my savings it was 3,500 naira i could put together. I lied to my elder bother that I want to learn how to type and the typist requested for 1,500 naira. He gave it to me immediately and said after i learn it i will be more useful to him and I will have something doing.

The next day i headed to the bank and i payed the sum of 5,000 naira into his Account;

Name: Kingsley Imoh
Account Number: 0043751340 GT-Bank
I called him and he said he got an alert that after 5hours i should go and re-print my result. Unfortunately when I went to the cyber cafe i was told my jamb card has been used many times that I need to get a new jamb card, I was sad because I don’t know where to get the money. Actually the man selling jamb stuffs is my church member so I went to get the card on credit with the belief that when my parent see the result they will be very happy and they would pay for the card.
But to my greatest surprise I checked my result and nothing changed I waited for the next day checked again and I still saw my same score.. I called him and he did not pick up. I sent him messages, he replied saying its a database complication that I should wait for an hour and check back. I waited for two hours and checked but I still saw the jamb score. I called him again but his phone was not reachable . Till now his phone has not been reachable. It was that moment I realized i have been scammed. I took the courage and I told my parents what happened. I showed the the website and they said its not my fault that if they were the one they would fall for it. So they paid for the jamb card and enrolled me into a computer school and I apologized to my elder brother for lying to him.

Its not like I want a refund or something. I just want people to know that this upgrading stuff is not real and I wish someone can catch the owner of that site and lock him up because I believe I am not his only victim and I will not be his last.

Thanks for reading and you all can ask me any questions you like but no insults please.

Check out the website And see if you won’t fall for it


Someone should please report this brave thief to the E.F.C.C cause he is spoiling our education system in nigeria


Please drop your comments and feel free to share.


  • Like they always say, most of the time, its greedy people that fall prey of scammist. Because they promise you the impossible and you subscribe to it. Be patient and achieve things the right way

  • how can i check my jamb result? Pls i have used both uc web, firefox and opera mini of different versons and still it is writting invalid site for me.

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