Scores Of B’Haram Members Killed In Borno As Ground, Air Bombardment Rages

troopsHundreds of suspected terrorists in some camps in Sambisa Game Reserve, the stronghold of Boko Haram, have been killed in the ongoing military onslaught against the sect in Borno.

The raid was carried out on Friday by ground troops with tactical air support from the Nigerian Air Force. A security source added that the camps attacked is believed to be a safe haven for the insurgents and are used for most of their trainings and enrolment exercises.

“I cannot tell you the actual number of terrorists killed, but I am optimistic we are making headway, and at the end of the operation, we will be commended,” the source stated.

Confirming the killing of some of the suspected terrorists, spokesman of the Nigerian military, Brig Gen Chris Olukolade, said he could only confirm the death of 30 suspected terrorists but added the figure could be higher as the military hadn’t carried out a ‘mopping up’.

According to him, “We have not done the mopping up operations on the ground to determine the numbers killed.” Olukolade added that it was not just Sambisa alone that was under attack but every other camp. He pointed out too that the air strike had been on since Wednesday.

It was also gathered that one of the jets used by the Air Force in the raid in Sambisa was hit by the terrorists’ sect using anti-aircraft guns but the pilot successfully manoeuvred and landed it safely in the base.

Olukolade, who also confirmed the report said the “terrorist base” was subsequently “completely destroyed”.


  1. A very good move by the military. Keep safety on the high for the soldiers. Leave no man behind.

    All enemies will crumble… Allah is greater than all, BH n all other terrorist group are disgrace to Islam.
    Allah cannot be forced on people but will be accepted willingly with open heart as the creator and the ONLY GOD.

    • Sheikh abi whatever your name is please use your senses and stop bringing islam into this, who are the boko haram members?, my Question still remain this, army and airforce are killing northern brothers all in the name of boko haram and here you are supporting them, it’s a pity many of us are still very blind to see that the south south are killing the north for the north never to have majority significance in affairs of this country, why is it that only in north we have polio?, why is it that only in north we have boko haram?, my brother wise up and get to know what your government is upto.

      • Mr Dangiwa,u really must be blind,how u could u say South is killing north. You are a tribalist and very naïve. So all the boko haram killing innocent people are southerners right? When they killed people in 2009 they were southerners right? You really should do some work on yourself before u open ur mouth. Am I sure u aren’t one of them. A true muslim made a good point and u countered him. People like u are the ones killing islam. Better go and check yourself. People you are siding for don’t even want amnesty and u speak for them. U really are a disgrace.

        • Kaka, thanks so much 4 dat one….Dangiwa shld b eliminated ‘cos his comment indicates he’s one of those vampires

        • Mr Dangiwa, what is your fellow brothers doing in Sambisa forest? Is Sambisa amusement pack for them ? You are insane

      • And for ur info,polio is high in the north because most northerners believe immunization is against their religion. Always think before u talk. No offence

    • The north have high rate of polio myelitis because they dont give their babies polio vacination. Read a little bit more before making ignorant comment.

  2. Always when you talk about national issue don’t bring north and south into it. You suppose to move out of the fortress of darkness. Nigeria is for all of us. We shall not live to tolerate any rising against our sovereignty whatsoever in the name of Islam or regionalism. Nigeria shall remain binded forever. Ameen.

  3. I am very happy with the comments here because @ we still have some reasonable Nigerians that are not as Dogmatic as Dangi(wawa)

  4. I tink mr danguma makes a point but d issue of killin i wont take dat,to my own view i tink d issue of boko haram iz political,y iz dat diz bizarre pple engage in north territory,y iz it dey reject amnesty,diz iz a strategie our politician ar using to score der selfish political goal,iz a pity we nigerian ar clueless,we does‘nt understand ao d game iz played,i insist d president no abt diz.

  5. I dont trust those pple , they may be killing farmers in their respective farms and claiming they are killing terrorist

  6. I dont trust those pple , they may be killing farmers in their respective farms and claiming they are killing terrorist. I am talking frm experience

  7. nigerian army must act in accordance with mr. President directive. More artilaries more Airstrikes more bombardment untl the fools ar wiped away.

  8. This discipline action against the boko haram is better,hence it is serving as a deterent to it so call boko haram.The truth is better,the intergrity and the dignity of this country must not be set in confusion.This is one Nigeria,only the Green and white flag that is recognise and respected.This nation under a decent democratical governance cannot fold her hands seeing some sculplous religion sects spoiling the image of this nation.All the bad eggs should face the tone of this music after this.Nigeria need peace.

  9. While real Muslim will tell the truth Dangiwa will go to hell and finally Nigeria will remain a country where everyone will be free to practice his or her religion. Shame on u Dangiwa.

    • the real muslem ar d violent one…d ar d real followers of mahamed ,,d only diret way d islam heaven is jihad bliv it or not it is writin in many sorals(chapter) of d quran and hadith..i was a muslem b4

      • if u were a muslim b4, then I have seen the reason that made u convert. U have no single sense in ur brain. You should have quoted the sorals (sic) of d quran and hadith and explain them. Mumu like you.

  10. Kill dem all but dont kill de innocent once. This is what de president should have done since. terorism is being treated with “an eye for an eye” not amnesty

  11. D death of some civilians is allowed… Its part of d rules of war! Afteral they werent patrotic enough to help govt nip bh at d bud but rather harboured them…


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