Terry G Denies Fighting With AY.com

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Contrary to rumours making the rounds that Terry G and AY.com recently had a fight during Terry’s birthday party where blows were exchanged; several bottles broken and people injured while trying to separate the fight , Terry G has refuted the rumour, saying that such incident never happened.

Terry made the clarification while speaking with WG on the matter. According to Terry G, “although there was indeed a birthday party at my house, nothing like that ever happened.”

Terry G According to him, AY.Com was not at his party. He stressed the story was the handiwork of his detractors and jobless bloggers.

“AY didn’t come to my birthday party and he doesn’t even know where I live. Please disregard the story because it’s the work of my enemies and bloggers who want to feast on innocent people like me.”

Earlier in the week, the internet was awash with gist that AY.Com who went to celebrate with Terry G on his birthday, landed in hot water when Terry G suddenly pounced on him.

According to the story, because of the age-long battle between the two on copyright issue, where AY.Com accused Terry G of stealing his song, upon sighting AY.Com at his residence, the Ginger Master decided to take his pound of flesh by throwing caution to the wind on his birthday. And as a man to the core, AY also put up a tough front but the ‘fire’ was quenched by friends who immediately dragged AY out of Terry’s compound.

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