Six Condoms Tips,They Won’t Tell You!

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Is condom education needed for Baby Boomers? Yes, sex ed. to protect and heighten the experience!

Arousing statistics when it comes to the Baby Boomer generation and dating! With newfound freedom, the creation of the little blue pill and Barry White on CD, the retirement plan became a bit steamier.

Free from the stress of a job, kids out of the home, and new health developments, the Baby Boomer generation has romance on the mind. The amount of dating sites geared to the over 55, proves this new generation is entering the dating world in force.  As this scene continues to grow tremendously, so does the amount of sexually transmitted infections.

Getting a second chance at romance when wiser and more mature may be cause for re-education on the birds and the bees.  A group in Miami solution to this need, a claymation video, “Sex and the Seniors,” to help prevent the spread of STDs. Unfortunately, it focused on the fear of STDs rather than the benefits of condoms.  When giving sex education talks to people 55 and above, I like to focus on how to make safe sex work for them romantically. The importance of safe sex is obvious, but still seems not to be motivating. The Baby Boomers are open, free, loving life and ‘getting frisky.’ However, missing out on the dating scene during HIV/AIDS left a gap in sex education. Yes, sexually transmitted infections have always existed, but were not a huge concern, since multiple partners and pre-marital sex were less common.  ‘Locker room’ style boasts can be heard throughout retirement centers more than chats about what condoms people prefer. Hell, amazing sex peeks our interest more than great condoms. However, the rise in STDs with the 55 year old and above population more than doubled over the last decade, exemplifying a condom chat is what’s needed!

When not use to wearing condoms, the thought can be less than stimulating. Remember, condoms not only prevent STDs, they can help heighten the pleasure if utilized correctly. To become familiar with the world of condoms, let’s review the basics. First, to help protect against STDs the condoms need to be latex, polyisoprene, or Microsheer (medical polyurethane).  Lambs skin allows infectious diseases to pass through the condom. Also, find a condom the fits comfortably, they come in various sizes and different brands have a slight variance in shape to accommodate larger or smaller heads, thicker or thinner shafts, etc. Best of all, several condoms have a barely there sensation.

1. Thin is the next best thing to nothing: Trojan Thintesity or BareSkin are super thin. Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed combines ultra thin latex with a ribbed texture for the pleasure of your partner.

2. LifeStyles Skyn mastered thin and long lasting lubricant, an extra plus for when you no longer produce as much natural lubricant.   LifeStyles Skyns are polyisoprene, which is ultra thin plus transfer body heat making them feel more natural than latex. Also, latex can be irritating, especially to mature skin

3. Getting it on and getting the condom on… When in the heat of the moment, opening a condom may seem like you are fumbling with an impenetrable package. The most efficient maneuver is to tear the wrapper in half. You will not rip the condom.

4.  After opening, find the rolled edge and un-roll it a wee bit adding a little extra lubricant on the inside. This trick prevents the condom from sticking to your skin causing discomfort.

5. Since blood flow may be an issue, it is best not to lie on your back when putting on the condom. Kneeling on the bed or standing helps blood flow to where it is needed most.

6. Last, but not least, make sure to buy a box of non-lubricated latex free condoms for oral sex. Oral Herpes can spread via oral sex and no one likes the taste of latex or lubricant!

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