Stop Making Excuses For Perpetrating Evil! Nigeria Is Not The Only Country Where Everybody Is Not Employed – Mark


Senate President, David Mark, yesterday, urged Nigerians to stop blaming the evil perpetrated by some unscrupulous elements in the country on unemployment. He also blamed leaders and politicians from the North for the growing almajiri in the region, saying they must urgently rise up to ban the system.

Mark said this while reacting to the issue of parental negligence raised by Senator Alkali Abdulkadir Jajere, ANPP, Yobe South, during a debate on a bill, “A Bill for an Act to Repeal and Re-enact the Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Act 2003”, sponsored by Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, PDP, Cross River Central.

Jajere had sought a stiff legislation compelling parents, particularly in the North, to take adequate care of their wards, saying it was time for the almajiri system in the region to be eradicated.

He also gave a heart-rending picture of how he grew up without knowing his parents because of the system, a horrific story of the life he went through as an almajiri child.

The Senator said it was God’s grace that he was enrolled in school, while he recalled that many of such children weren’t as lucky as he was, and never had the opportunity he had to be educated.

The Senate President was moved by Senator Jajere’s story, and said: “It is amazing when we tend to make excuses for our failings. If you cannot gain employment you, go and join a terrorist group so that you can be employed.

“You join Boko Haram because you have no employment. If you are poor, then you begin to trade and traffic in human beings so that you can be rich.

“These are all excuses. What about the people who are buying these people outside. Is it because they can’t find employment or because they are poor? I think we should stop making excuses.

“Everything is reduced to the level of unemployment in the country. Nigeria is not the only country where everybody is not employed. That you are not employed does not mean you should go and do something very bizarre.

“You open up a baby factory; you begin to sedate people and remove their organs to sell. It’s just never a good excuse for some of the things that we do.”


  1. But mr senate president how hav u forgoten so soon dat sanusi said dat about 25% of our anual budget goes to our national asembly makin nig house the most expensiv in d world

  2. This man is sick for this comment of his, when our leaders are not helping issues, ours is to complain and correct them, imagine a country like Nigeria that people ought to see as a good ambassador of Africa having a zigzag economy and leaders like him, our economy ought to trigger many, light and good road ought to be there, security and job ought to brings strangers to Nigeria, another problem we are facing is that of corruption where nothing is done to those that embezzled our money in the past till date, i cant imagine our Presidents giving some of the pardon to contest again.


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