Suicide Bomber Laments Not Dying Because He Won’t Meet His Virgins In Heaven


A prosecution witness on Tuesday told an Abuja Federal High Court that an arrested Boko Haram member, Mustapha Umar, wept bitterly over his failure to die in a suicide-bombing mission.

The arrested suicide bomber is “always crying because the operation he went for failed, he said that he would have been happier if he had died in the operation with people (victims) so that he would be in heaven.”

Umar is standing trial for bombing a plaza housing the offices of some newspapers in Kaduna in April 2012.

The witness, a police detective, said he interrogated Umar after he was arrested in Kaduna and brought to Abuja. The accused is unhappy because not dying with victims of the attack had denied him the opportunity to make it to heaven and enjoy his “virgins”.

Testifying while being led in evidence by prosecution counsel, Mr. Simon Labaran, the witness narrated how Umar was handed over to him at the Force Criminal Investigation Department, Area 10, Garki, Abuja, after his arrest in Kaduna on April 26, 2012.

He said, “I was serving in Force CID Area 10, Abuja, as a detective in charge of investigation of terrorism cases. On April 26, 2012, the accused person was brought from Kaduna and handed over to me for discreet investigation. The accused person was involved in the bombing of ThisDay office (in Kaduna).”

-News Agency



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