Support Jonathan For 2nd Term Like Americans Did Obama – Kema Chikwe

nigeria-president-goodluckThe National Women Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Dr. Kema Chikwe has urged members of PDP Core Supporters Network to mobilize Nigerians to ensure through their votes that President Goodluck Jonathan gets a second term tenure, just like the American President, Barak Obama.

She reminded the party faithful of the universality of politics and enjoined them to take a cue from the American democracy which returned President Obama for a second tenure.

Addressing members of the Network during their Award of Good Governance event recently, the former Minister of Aviation noted that democracy without opposition is a failed democracy, but decried the bitter and dirty opposition practices of Nigeria’s opposition parties which she said must be discouraged especially as members of these parties originally belonged to PDP but defected in search of what she termed ‘greedier pastures’.

She therefore called for the support of Nigerians for President Jonathan’s pursuit of transformation and sustainable democracy for all Nigerians.


  1. Mrs ex minister pls dont compare American democracy wit naija. We r far left behind nd i dont think the present govt hv achieved anything in any sector, so pls allow nigerians to decide on who to vote for insted imposing leaders wit no or little justification

  2. Please Madam, do not be comparing a good president who have his people in mind with another does not know ethic of good governance. The worst period of Nigeria, even worse than civil war period.

  3. Both kema and Jonathan are tired and retired folks good for d bins. How many years did it take OBAMA to turn US economy round.? GEJ was both a deputy nd govnor in Bayelsa,a deputy nd President of Ngeria. So if u compare Bayelsa and Nigeria, Chicago and US,within the periods both OBAMA,nd Jonathan is in power, what actually can motivate us Nigerians to vote Jonathan for 2nd term term in office. The impact Buhari made within the short time he was a Military leader,interms of stability of Naira,via counter trade with non allied nations, placed Nigeria high in development ratings. Anyway as an ageing lady, who has lost it all,and was appointed Ambassador and woman leader of a stagnant Party, u just said thaj to appease ur master. U cant be talking to Nigerians.

  4. Let kema be, as she approaches her twilight in politics she must cleave unto the tiniest stand of opportunity for relevance. She is dead beat and of no consequence in our national life. The dust in of history is her final repose.

  5. Even a deaf and dumb nigerian will never vote a coward who run away from deliver a. Speech at AU summit at Adiss- Ababa capital of Ethiopia. It a shame on his part to even request for second term in office bcos his tenure is the most worst est tenure I ever witness, and for you mrs ex minister we understand you that you want pple to feel your presence but believe you me you are a loser come 2015. Mtchewwwww