The Love Story Of Comedian Princess And Her Husband


Popular Nigerian female comedian, Princess, and her movie producer/director husband, Adeshola Jeremiah, tied the knot on Wednesday 8th May 2013 at the Balmoral Hall, Oregun, Lagos. It was indeed a happy day for ‘Madam’ Princess who had almost lost of hope of finding a husband.

Below is their very interesting love story…

On what attracted her to Adeshola Jeremiah

Well he is a quiet person and if not for the fact that I am into entertainment, I also like my privacy, I don’t like unnecessary show-off. If I go somewhere and they don’t recognize me, that is very okay by me, I just love to be myself.

How They Met
He saw me when I went for their program in Odunfa Cancus (A Yoruba Theatre Group). I went because of a friend of mine Latifat, who was also trained there. She was in UNILAG and my junior in Theatre Arts. So I went there and that was where he saw me and that was like so many years ago in 2005.

Every time I visit my friend, because they are always together, he will see me there, he couldn’t approach me, not because of my status but the fact that anytime I come I will just play with everyone for like 5 to 10 minutes and just zoom off. And I play and smile with everyone but I don’t give that chance that I am easily approachable in order not to draw unnecessary attention.

Things Were Different This Time…
Then in 2008, he was shooting his own movie, I also went there to see a friend of mine, he saw me again and went to meet that friend of mine, he told her he wanted to meet me that he would want me to play a role in the movie.

My friend discouraged him saying if he should meet me, it will look like they didn’t plan themselves well. That same year, he was with that my friend when I came to visit and he told her “I really want to marry Princess” (laughs) and my friend started laughing and she told him it’s not possible.

He kept on pestering her and told her why don’t you tell her first and lets hear what she says, she (Latifat) now said I don’t think I can tell her, Princess is my very close friend and I can’t tell her that because Princess doesn’t have time for men now and she has said it’s her work for now. But he continued disturbing her to tell me, so that day we were watching a TV program and I love cooking so she saw a dish and said this dish is very nice how I wish I could eat it now and I said oh you want me to stand up and go prepare this food, so when I went to the kitchen.

She later came into the kitchen and said she wanted to tell me something, and I said what is it, she said this person likes me and wants to marry me, so I just started laughing, it was very funny, she felt embarrassed and went back to the sitting room, I asked her why won’t I be embarrassed, when the person told you, why didn’t you just tell him Princess won’t agree and she said that’s exactly what she told the person but the person insisted.

I told her to give the person my number, and when he called I was just laughing, he asked “what’s funny”, I said nothing, he now said “well he is Latifat’s friend” and I said yes I know that, and I started bombarding him with questions just to discourage him, so he won’t call again.

So when his credit got finished, he called back again. I said this one I have been asking him many questions na wa o but its okay do I have more questions to ask? and I said yes o and started asking him more questions, I asked him questions again till 11:30 PM, he ran out of credit again and called back, and I am like where are you getting all the money for this credit, he just said “don’t worry I will call you back”, when he called back again he asked if I had more questions and I said no because it was already past midnight and we have been talking since past 6.

Friend to Fiance
That was it! We later became friends and got very close, then he said he wanted to marry me and even told me many things about myself. I was quite surprised and wondered how he got to know all about me. That was how we started and things continued but we just decided to keep everything low key. At first I felt it was low key and if he disappionts me, it won’t hurt too much, but when everything became too serious that was how everything went then we started meeting our families and I discovered that some people he knew, were also the same people I know.

On her sudden wedding announcement
Yes we have been planning it but because my sister was getting married on February 14th, we just felt that hers is the reigning wedding and they were the latest couple, so we concentrated more on hers and also we were trying to avoid the news reaching the press.

So I think 3 weeks or about a month to our wedding, we had already done the introduction and that was when we now started distributing the invitations, because we said if we give people the IVs earlier, news will go around. My husband started distributing his cards a month to the wedding but I started 2 and a half weeks to the wedding because I just said everybody will hear.

On not wanting to publicize her Wedding
The thing is, that’s the kind of person I am. I am just there, I just believe I am like every other Nigerian and even though my work has exposed me and made me to be seen or perceived as a celebrity, my partner is not a public person like that and we just didn’t want too much noise.

Even the day I sent text messages to some of my friends, the next day I started reading so many stories on the internet, and you can imagine that people wrote on the internet that Princess is getting married because she was pregnant and now she is trying to get one guy to marry her.

It was even my husband who saw it and called my attention to it. He was lying on the couch and just laughing and I was like, what’s funny and who are you chatting with?, he just said there is something they wrote on the internet and I said what, he just said it’s on Facebook, they said you are pregnant, and I said don’t mind them but I just felt bad because people sometimes naturally find it difficult to be happy for others.

Even now that I am married, I pray to have kids but you can’t start spreading rumours that somebody is getting married because they are pregnant. You don’t have an insight nor information about them, you can’t reach those people so you just write anything you want. But anyway I didn’t let that bother me, I just kept it to myself. Even when I was rehearsing for my show because we had two different dance routines and it was difficult, so I didn’t even have time to dwell on that.

On what she loves most about him
I love everything about him and he is very understanding. He understands the essence of us being on earth which is just to worship God and he is God fearing.

That’s the first thing I noticed about him and I was even surprised. I have always said If I had choice, I will marry a musician but then which musician can I now marry (laughs). He is very God fearing and at least we are not perfect but if you are God fearing, you will always know when you are doing something wrong.



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